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14 Foods Anti-Aging Experts Eat Every Day

anti-aging foods


This hearty protein is full of good-for-you nutrients, including linoleic acid. “This is an essential fatty acid your body can’t make, so you must consume it in your diet,” says Joan Salge Blake, EdD, RDN, a clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. It’s also the most abundant fatty acid in your skin. “In a study of about 4,000 women, people with a diet higher in linoleic acid were associated with a lower likelihood of skin atrophy, better known as the thinning of your skin, which magnifies wrinkles on your face,” says Blake. “The older women in the study who had lower dietary intakes of both linoleic acid and vitamin C also had drier skin.” (Psst: Here are theanti-aging secrets dermatologists won’t tell you for free.)Edamame is delicious slightly salted and served as a snack, mixed into a stir-fry, or even blended into a breakfast smoothie.

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