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14 Foods Anti-Aging Experts Eat Every Day

anti-aging foods

Chia seeds

“Ah, where do I start with chia seeds?” says Arlene Dijamco, MD, an integrative physician in Roswell, GA. “They are packed with plant-based omega-3s, antioxidants, and minerals important for clear thinking, memory, mood, heart rhythms, and skin texture,” says Dijamco. “The gel-like consistency of hydrated chia seeds provides soluble fibre that not only helps keep your digestive tract smooth moving but also helps keep cholesterol levels balanced and helps you feel satiateddecreasing your likelihood of overeating.” Plus, chia is so versatile. You can use chia seeds in drinks, pudding, oatmeal, veggie patties, salad, granola, and as an egg replacement in baking.

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