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4 Ways to Have a More Lustful Marriage

How to Improve Your Sex Life in Your Marriage

1. Do it at the beginning of date night

If youre saving sex for the end, youre doing it wrong. Be honest: How sexy do you really feel after a big meal and a bottle of wine? If you plan to get busy after an evening out, chances are that one of you is going to play the Im too tired card. The key to a successful date night is to have sex first, says Dr. Ruth. If you have a sexual experience before a quickie then that takes the pressure off, she says. Then you can go out and have a nice dinner and, when you come back, hopefully have enough energy enough desire to have another sexual experience.Even if youre not really in the mood at the beginning of the night, talking yourself into a quick encounter could really pay off. According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, when the partner who experiences low desire indulges the other persons needs anyway, they experience a boost in feelings of intimacy. And increased intimacy typically results in more canoodling, so thats a win-win.(Psst: This is how many calories you burn during sex.)

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