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4 Ways to Have a More Lustful Marriage

How to Improve Your Sex Life in Your Marriage

2. Unplug and actually talk

Side-by-side scrolling, when you could be talking, cuddling or having sex, is clearly counterproductive. What Im worried about is that the art of conversation is being lost, says Dr. Ruth. Young people millennials are constantly on their iPhones. Its going to be a huge problem because soon they wont be able to have a conversation.Putting our phones down to actually talk just talk is the key to a healthy, active sex life. And those conversations should include the topic of sex, too. According to research published in BMJ Open, low libido was found to be associated with couples who lack emotional closeness and dont talk openly about sex.Its too easy for our phones and tablets to become a way to avoid having tough conversations, in the bedroom and beyond. Theres also a danger of simply losing time and the chance to connect to the gram without even realizing it. Consciously putting the tech away at a certain time or banning phones from the bedroom, if necessary, can ensure that you give yourself time with your partner.(Psst: Check out the most common sexual fantasies.)

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