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4 Ways to Have a More Lustful Marriage

How to Improve Your Sex Life in Your Marriage

3. Plan a “quickie” getaway

According to that same research published in BMJ Open, women are more likely to report low sexual desire if they have kids under five in their households. While having little ones crawl into bed with you can be conducive to lovely snuggle time for everyone, kids totally kill the urge to steam up the sheets. On so many levels, booking a night away from home and household distractions of all kinds is a smart way to up your chances of making a love connection.Dr. Ruth recently teamed up with the travel site Hotwire to look at the benefits of quickie travel. According to the Hotwire Quickie Survey of 1,000 US adults, a whopping 86 percent of people agreed that they would be more adventurous in bed during an impromptu getaway. Travel has always been one of the best ways to make new memories and reconnect with loved ones, she says. In todays hectic world, its more important than ever that people take every opportunity to get away to be spontaneous and make sure to have a quickie or two on the trip.(Psst: Here’s how to have vacation sex all year.)

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