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4 Ways to Have a More Lustful Marriage

How to Improve Your Sex Life in Your Marriage

4. Dream big

When youre back from your romantic weekend away, plan to do it all again. Or finally book that trip of a lifetime youve been talking about for years. Planning future adventures together, whether theyre travel related or not, is a chance to connect on a deeper level. Pleasuring is not just sexual, says Dr. Ruth. Its also psychological.In the meantime, use your last sexy getaway as fantasy fodder for a staycation or particularly hot Saturday night in. If your getaway was successful, you can reconstruct that and do it at home, says Dr. Ruth. The important thing here is that youre showing your partner that youre in this together and willing to do some thinking in terms of your sexual encounters. That could mean planning and cooking a romantic dinner for your partner, buying tickets to a play they want to see or taking them to check out the new coffee shop or wine bar on the corner. Whatever you do, include an element of surprise in your dates or evenings in together at least from time to time, says Dr. Ruth.(See what happens when couples stop having sex.)

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