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14 of the Most Impressive Keto Diet Before-and-After Pictures

keto diet before-and-after pictures

“Accountability is the key.”

In early 2016, Mary Alexander saw a photo of herself in a bathing suit and decided something had to change. A few weeks later, she started the keto diet, an ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet that’s becoming increasingly popular, partly because of the many keto diet before-and-after pictures. According to Harvard Health Publishing in 2017, the keto diet can accelerate weight loss and improve blood sugar. After two years, Alexander’s lost 60 pounds with 10 to 15 more to go to reach her goal.”The hardest part of keto was getting started,” says Mary, a 54-year-old marketer from Rockwell, Texas. “Bread and sweets had been my friends for years, so giving them up was really hard.” She kept herself accountable with her Instagram account: she’s gained more than 26,000 followers since she started her journey. “I attribute all of my success to my account, as well as weekly weigh-ins.”If you’re unsure that the keto diet fits your needs, here’s what you should know before trying the keto diet.

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