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10 Tiny Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

senior couple loving each other

Small ways to make your partner feel loved

The more love you put into something, the more love you will (hopefully) receive. This also applies to people in happy marriagesand relationships. There are countless ways to show your partner how much you care for them. These acts of love can indicate how supportive you are of each other, and can even further deepen emotional intimacy.Small things lead to big changes in relationships, says relationship expert Andrea Syrtash and author of Hes Just Not Your Type (And Thats a Good Thing), about doing an act of love for your partner. Youll likely be surprised at how effective doing something small is.To protect and strengthen your relationship, our experts offered a few small ways to show your partner that theyre loved.(Also, check out the sex problems marriage counselors hear about all the time.)

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