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The Weight Loss Motivation That Helped These 20 People Lose Weight

weight loss motivation

Michael Thompson lost over 20 pounds

Inspiration: Emily Hutchins, Nike master trainer, and owner of On Your Mark Coaching + Training.”When I first joined On Your Mark Coaching + Training (OYM), I weighed over 190 pounds, had a combined cholesterol number of 260, and my doctor recommended meds to lower my numbers. I decided instead to confront my problem through diet and exercise. I found OYM, and embarked on a total lifestyle change. Now, I clock in at 170, my cholesterol is below 200, and I feel great. Life changes had me relocate to another part of the country, but I love keeping up with Emily Hutchins and her workouts that she showcases on social media to help stay in shape.” Michael Thompson, 54. (If you’re battling cholesterol, try these cholesterol-lowering tricks that doctors use.)

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