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The Weight Loss Motivation That Helped These 20 People Lose Weight

weight loss motivation

Rene Greene Murphy lost 23 pounds

Inspiration: Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, and founder of F-Factor.”The F-Factor and Tanya’s Instagram have been my go-to for quick and easy recipes when I’m tired of eating just high-fiber, low-carb crackers. Through the accounts, I discovered how to use those healthy crackers as a base for making things like truffles and pancakes, which in turn has inspired me to add GGs to my own recipes such as chicken cutlets and meatballs! I look at F-Factor as a healthy lifestyle that I’ve learned to integrate into my everyday life, and it has helped me lose 23 pounds. I was 140 pounds when I began in May and am 117 today.” Rene Greene Murphy, 37. (Here are some smart carbs everyone should eat.)

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