Herb Garden Contest Revisited

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

20180818_134553I have something to confess … the computer ate my homework. Seriously. I launched the “Show Us Your Herb Garden ” contest in June 2018 with the best of intentions. I saved the entries in an email folder. And now, they’re missing. I’ve spent the past month in denial. I kept thinking that they might magically reappear, that I might find them somewhere. Alas, no such luck. PC Gremlins 1, Paris 0.

So, I’d like to revisit the contest. Send pictures of your herbal planting efforts – dedicated beds, mixtures with flowers and veggies, container collections – to pariswolfe@yahoo.com.  The names of all gardeners will be placed into a hat. One name will be drawn to win a copy of the book What Can I Do With My Herbs by Judy Barrett. Deadline for entries is September 15.

Perhaps the garden goddesses were looking out for me. Gardens are far more developed this time of year and the photos may be more exciting.

We will also be sharing pictures – and ideas – in a future blog