The Importance of Accurate Labeling in CBD Products

Accurate CBD labeling along with potency and purity are topics that continue to be top of mind for CBD users. No matter your reasons for using CBD, you likely feel it’s very important you’re receiving the CBD – and nothing else like bacteria or mold – that’s on the label.

We agree.

So what should consumers know about accurate CBD labeling?


CBD Potency Matters

First, let’s address the concerns around CBD potency and accurate CBD labeling. A recent study released by the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) found that in tests of 84 CBD products (including capsules, oils, edibles, and tinctures), 26% of the products had less CBD and 43% contained more. Because there are no known negative side effects from CBD, the concern is more centered on those products with less CBD than was on the label, particularly for those taking CBD products for specific conditions.

As an FDA-approved dietary supplement, Elixinol takes its relationship with our customers seriously. This is why every product we sell includes a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the corresponding product page. The FDA does not require CBD companies, or any dietary supplement, to share a COA with consumers, but we provide it for your peace of mind.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

Companies who provide COA’s are going above and beyond the federal requirement. Any COA should come from an independent, third-party laboratory. With Elixinol products, not only is our testing from an independent, third-party laboratory, but the lab is also pharmaceutical-grade, which provides us and you with an added level of certainty that the test results are accurate. If accurate CBD labeling is important to you, please insist on seeing the Certificate of Analysis for the product’s current batch. In Elixinol’s case, our COA’s are updated, online, with each new batch.

What Does the Certificate of Analysis Say?


Besides testing to ensure CBD potency is accurate, Elixinol also goes the additional mile and tests for purity including pesticides, molds, and bacteria like E Coli or Salmonella.  

Take for example, Elixinol’s X-pen, a product designed to provide users with large amounts of CBD. On the left-hand side, the potency of CBD is clearly listed, while purity standards for bacterias and pesticides are on the right.

In 2016, Realm of Caring recognized Elixinol’s potency and purity standards by awarding Elixinol with the first-ever Seal of Approval from the non-profit agency.

So What Should Consumers Do About CBD Labeling Accuracy?

There’s no reason to use less-than-excellent quality CBD. Insist on COAs and read them and be sure they’re updated.

As always, we’re here for you. If you have any doubts about CBD, please contact us. We want you to feel like yourself, faster.


For more information on our potency and purity standards:

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