Longevity Decoded – Keys to Healthy Aging with Dr. Stephen Schimpff MD

Longevity Decoded – The 7 Keys to Healthy Aging is the title of the book authored by Stephen Schimpff, MD. Ellen Kamhi PhD., RN will discuss with Dr. Schimpff about this newly published book. Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life—Longevity Decoded is your road map to age gracefully .

Who is Dr. Schimpff?

Dr Schimpff is an internist, professor of medicine and public health, and was formerly CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center . He has written five books for a general audience, including “The Future of Medicine: Megatrends in Healthcare”. The Future of Medicine   focused on genomics, vaccines, technology, imaging, stem cells, the operating room and information management along with complementary medicine.

Excerpt from the book.

You can live a long and healthy life. There is no magic pill or Fountain of Youth, but you can achieve it with simple lifestyle modifications:

1. Eating the right foods
2. Getting the right exercise
3. Reducing and managing stress
4. Improving the quality of sleep
5. Eliminating tobacco
6. Remaining intellectually engaged
7. Staying involved socially

The advice in Longevity Decoded works—because it puts you in charge of shaping your future.  The seven keys cost nothing, except your time and commitment. Dr. Stephen Schimpff provides you with straightforward advice for achieving and maintaining good health over a long life. Following his seven keys will pay generous returns over the years ahead, and there’s a bonus: You’ll become a role model and inspiration to your children and grandchildren!


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