Hemp CBD Oil Now Legal in Indiana

In March 2018, Indiana governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill to legalize industrial hemp-derived CBD oil in the state. According to Holcomb, the bill, Senate Enrolled Act 52 , made CBD products accessible to the people who need them most.

The bill cleared up confusion around the differences between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana—namely, the amount of THC present in each plant. It also established labeling standards and stipulations, as well as a strict limit of 0.3% THC content in any CBD products sold in the state.

Further, all CBD products must adhere to Indiana’s requirements for packaging and testing. Retailers must also ensure that the CBD products they stock are certified industrial hemp products and supplements—and tested to guarantee they are below the THC threshold.

Farm Bill could clear up CBD confusion nationwide

State laws vary regarding industrial hemp-derived CBD products. There’s still confusion when it comes to the differences between hemp CBD and marijuana-derived cannabis oil—and the regulations that govern each. But the 2018 Farm Bill could bring nationwide clarity to CBD, while legalizing industrial hemp at the federal level.

Indiana’s new laws took effect right on the heels of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry’s approval of the latest Farm Bill in June, 2018. While language that protects and legalizes industrial hemp is present in the Senate’s version of the bill, it’s absent from the House’s. Now, the House and Senate must reach an agreement on the final bill.

Senate and House expected to reconcile the 2018 Farm Bill, legalize hemp CBD

Industrial hemp is poised to be clearly removed from the Controlled Substances Act’s list of schedule 1 drugs. The Senate’s version of the Farm Bill contains language that effectively legalizes industrial hemp and hemp CBD on a federal level. Now, the Senate and the House of Representatives are expected to reconcile their versions of the bill.

For more than 80 years, it has been illegal to grow industrial hemp in the United States. Removing hemp from the schedule would open agricultural opportunities in industrial hemp cultivation. It’s an eco-friendly substitute for plastic, and it’s also used in foods, construction materials, fabrics, personal care products, dietary supplements, and more. Full legalization on a federal level would open economic opportunities not only for farmers, but for industries across nationwide.

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