Susan Belsinger Named Herb Society’s 2018-2020 Honorary President

By Maryann Readal,IMG_5679 HSA Secretary

Susan Belsinger – a nationally known herbalist – was chosen as The Herb Society of America’s Honorary President 2018-2020 for her extensive involvement in the world of herbs. HSA chooses an Honorary President every two years to coincide with the HSA President’s term of office. The Honorary President is chosen based on exemplary work in the field of herbs and in areas important to The Herb Society of America.

“Susan lives an herbal life, whether she is gardening, foraging, photographing, teaching, researching, writing or creating herbal recipes for the kitchen or apothecary—she is passionate about all things herbal,” says Rie Sluder, HSA’s president for 2018-2020. She has written books and her work has been published in notable herbal magazines and newspapers around the country. She has spoken extensively throughout the United States and Canada and has appeared on many TV programs including Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, NPR, to name just a few.

At the 2018 HSA meeting of members Susan energized members with her challenge to spread their passion and enthusiasm about herbs. “They are downright fun,” she said, adding that she has “even sold herbs to the grocery store checker.”

The Culinary Herbal book

Susan intends to be an active honorary president. She encouraged members to renew their passion and enthusiasm for herbs and to work toward increasing membership in The Society. “Get out there and show the rest of the world how to use them (herbs) and what fun they are,” she said.

Follow Susan’s weekly blog at . Her blogs are full of gardening information, travel and great recipes. Her latest book is The Culinary Herbal: Growing & Preserving 97 Flavorful Herbs is co-authored by Arthur O. Tucker. More information about Susan and her work can be found at