Exclusive CommSec Interview: Elixinol CEO Paul Benhaim

Elixinol Global (EXL) CEO Paul Benhaim sat down with CommSec’s Tom Piotrowski on September 20, 2018, to discuss Elixinol’s performance since listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: EXL) in January. Benhaim and Piotrowski talk about Elixinol’s plans for future growth. Take a look:

Elixinol’s earnings up by 110% from 2017

According to Benhaim, Elixinol’s first half-year results since listing on the ASX are up by 110% from 2017, with almost $15 million in revenue. Those earnings secured Elixinol’s position as the highest-earning company in the cannabis sector on the ASX.

“For Elixinol hemp CBD products, the U.S. market is really opening up to us,” said Benhaim. “The U.S. Farm Bill is expected to go through quite shortly, which has, now, very supportive legislative wording for industrial hemp from both the House and Senate committee. So that is really a historical position for Elixinol in the U.S.”

Most of Elixinol’s revenues are driven by the U.S. market, Benhaim said.

Elixinol now listed on the U.S. OTCQX

In addition to the ASX, Elixinol Global shares are now listed on the U.S. OTC (over-the-counter) market under ticker symbol ELLXF. This enhances the opportunity for anyone in the United States to own Elixinol Global shares (ASX: EXL, OTCQX: ELLXF).

“It’s a very exciting time for this industry, and we truly believe we are just beginning,” Benhaim said.

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