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Chinese Medicine for Bladder Health

Chinese medicine has been an effective treatment for urinary symptoms such as frequency or lack of bladder control (incontinence) for thousands of years. Urinary incontinence is diagnosed as stress incontinence, which occurs during exertion or sneezing and is attributed to weak pelvic floor muscles. Or, as urge incontinence, which involves contraction of the pelvic floor muscles that puts pressure on the bladder. It is not uncommon for an individual to have a combination of both. These conditions have the potential to significantly impair quality of life. This includes dealing with its associated social stigma, which comes with embarrassment and lack of confidence. It involves overthinking and worry about finding a bathroom at a moment’s notice, especially when out and about. Moreover, it can lead to lack of physical activity, isolation, and even depression. Many individuals are so ashamed about this condition that they hide it from their physician – even though they are the first person that should be consulted. Incontinence often comes with advancing age and is a health problem that typically develops slowly and progressively – one that needs to be addressed when it begins, rather than waiting for it to become severe. Many women experience lack of bladder control after childbirth, especially with a vaginal delivery and if a woman’s mother or older sister has had bladder issues. Additional causative factors include hormonal imbalance, obesity, heavy smoking, constipation, diabetes, chronic cystitis, and other inflammatory diseases. It further stems from weak bladder muscles, damage to nerves that control…

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