Top 10 Home Remedies for Pilonidal Cysts

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A pilonidal cyst is quite a common skin ailment that occurs near the coccyx (tailbone), right at the top of the buttocks crease. The exact cause is not known, but researchers believe that the cyst is caused by some loose hair that tends to penetrate the skin. Well, this condition is not life-threatening but it’s extremely agonizing, uncomfortable and quite painful. If you suffer from this cyst, you have two options: go for the costly treatment, which can include anti-bacterial treatments and surgery, or make yourself some home remedies and get rid of it. Of course, the latter will be pocket-friendly and very effective. Let’s focus on top 10 home treatments for Pilonidal cyst, getting into details on how you can prepare them and prevent the condition from deteriorating. Shall we? 1. Shave all the hair in the region The hair around the affected area is the culprit and might cause the condition to deteriorate, so you need to start by maintaining proper personal hygiene. Shave off the hair, being very careful not to break the cyst. This can be extremely painful and might also lead to further infections. Here’s what to do. You will need… Sterilized shaving blade Depilatory or epilator cream Sterilized shaving blade Directions Apply the depilatory or epilator cream on the affected area and then use the sterilized shaving blade to get rid of the hair. It is recommended that you avoid using any cream that can cause irritation at all cost. When you are done…

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