Herb Maker Gift-Giving Idea: Glassware

I’ve asked five blog contributors to share their favorite herb-related gift ideas.  HSA’s blog will be running one per day during the first week of December. – Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster

By Andrea Jackson, HSA Member

glassware 2I spent some time thinking about herbal holiday gifts. What is it that I just can’t do without and what is it that always thrills me when I receive it. Are you ready?

Glassware!  Yup, all different kinds.

Mason jars of all sizes for jams and jellies and to age potpourri and to store bulk herbs and to keep elderberry syrup and habanero hot sauce. And then there are corked topped glass cylinders for stacked potpourri and roller top glass vials for perfumes and tiny glass cork topped vials for mixing essential oils to make new perfume blends. Oh, and recycled decorative liqueur bottles for homemade herbal liqueurs and cordials. Lovely antique vanity jars look enticing on the shelf just waiting to be filled with body butters and face creams.  Don’t forget the screw-top brown bottles for tinctures and bitters.

Bale-topped bottles stand waiting to be filled with vinegars or ginger beer or herbal soda concentrates and tiny pots for herb mixes or herbal salts. I am fortunate enough to have a group of friends who often drop off various bottles for me and when I reward them with a homemade herbal goodie they know if they bring back the empty container they will always get a refill.

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