Business Intelligence Analyst , Atlanta


The Junior Business Intelligence Analyst will take lead on report and dashboard generation based on design specifications from various business units.  The role will identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets, and prepare analytical visual reports for senior leadership to drive business decisions.  This role will be critical in weekly and monthly report generation and maintenance of reporting mechanisms.

You will be evaluating data management as it pertains to report quality.  This role will support all functional areas of the organization in this new and exciting industry.


• Determine report and dashboard needs based on functional requirements set forth by Senior Analyst and Director of Business Intelligence

• Analyze wide variety of both structured and unstructured data to effectively interpret trends or patters

• Maintain a portfolio of living dashboards and reports

• Create benchmarks from aggregated data sets and incorporate into BI report

• Run defined validation test and maintain repository for validation test and checks

• Understand and maintain versioning of reports including detailed documentation and systems mapping


• Bachelor’s degree preferred, but relevant work experience will be considered in either a professional or military environment

• 0-2 Years Relevant Experience in an analyst role or data science environment

• Experience pulling data into reports from a relational database

• Skilled in various data analyzing languages (DAX, R, Python, SQL) is a plus

• Microsoft Power BI a plus

• AWS experience a plus

• Develop aesthetically appealing reports from templates

• Seriously organized and possess ability to function at a high level while involved in multiple projects

• Clear and concise interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal

• Inquisitive – always thinking and seeking the why of things

• Position may require 10-15% weekday travel


• Surterra provides health care benefits to its employees.

• Surterra provides Company Holidays; typically, 10 to 12 days a year as well as vacation time.

• Surterra prefers its employees to stay home when sick; therefore, the Company offers sick paid days each year that may accumulate over time.

• Surterra offers a great place to work that puts employees and its patients first. The work environment is geared to focus on the employees and their comfort, productivity, and enjoyment while they are at work.


 1. Patient Advocate – Increase the value and happiness delivered to our patients with every decision you make; break down barriers to patient access; advocate for legal and regulatory reform; educate everyone you meet and prioritize patients above yourself

 2. Brand Ambassador – Recognize reputation is our most valuable asset; be a public and private exemplar of the Surterra brand, Mission & Vision; seek out new talent; seek new patients in every interaction; create Brand Ambassadors in every person you meet

 3. Politically Astute – Build strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and respect; be diplomatic in response to adversity; build consensus among competing ideas and personalities; formulate creative solutions to complex and unanticipated circumstances

4. Process Oriented – Create and automate scalable processes; employ a systematic approach to achieve objectives; simplify complex and time-consuming activities into simple, efficient actions; teach others how to operate within a process 

5. Composure – Organize and operate within a complex and chaotic environment; remain calm, poised and effective in stressful situations; think on your feet; maintain a healthy lifestyle and psychological hardiness

6. Good Judgment – Discern what is appropriate, practical and realistic in a given situation; weigh the merits of competing demands in a regulated industry; make decisions that are a win-win for patients and the brand

7. Initiative & Leadership – Recognize and assume responsibility for work that needs to be done; motivate a team to persist in completion of a task; influence a group’s activity, direction or opinion to achieve patient and brand objectives

8. Planning & Organizing – Create order out of chaos; prioritize and order tasks effectively; use Good Judgment on appropriate uses of limited resources

 9. Extraordinary Communication Skills – Speak and write in a concise, grammatically correct, precise and persuasive manner; convey nuances of meaning accurately; match styles of communication to each audience and purpose

 10. Impeccable Integrity – Be fair and honest; avoid deceit, favoritism and discrimination; always work in the best interest of the patient and the brand; integrity is a pass/fail quality; you either have integrity or you do not work with us 

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