CBD Oil Capsules: Who Are They Best For?

by Dr. Philip Blair

Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed , the hemp CBD industry has continued to grow tremendously. Now that more people have access to CBD products, it is a good time to explore which method of delivery is best for your lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD oil capsules and whether they’re right for you, read on.

You can ingest both CBD oil and CBD oil capsules. When you swallow CBD oil vs. CBD oil capsules , the digestive system absorbs the cannabidiol. The CBD gel capsule dissolves in the stomach, and the oil inside the capsule is absorbed into the bloodstream. The bloodstream then sends the cannabidiol to the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

How Does the Endocannabinoid System Work?

The ECS is an incredible body system that’s responsible for helping the body to maintain balance; in recent decades, it has come to be known as the body’s master regulator. The ECS has receptors all over the body, in the nervous system, and in various organs.

The ECS’s regulatory role is the reason the nutritive benefits of CBD oil apply to such a broad spectrum of areas. Cannabidiol may alleviate the temporary symptoms of inflammation, anxiety and mood swings. Many people say that it helps them “feel more like themselves” and they even notice a decrease in their sleeplessness. Researchers say that most people’s ECS is either stressed or starving for cannabinoids.

The speed at which CBD reaches the body’s endocannabinoid receptors–and the amount of CBD the body takes up–depends upon the product’s bioavailability. Some products have a higher bioavailability than others. Additionally, some methods of CBD consumption are more bioavailable than other approaches .

How Long Do CBD Oil Capsules Take to Work?

Since the CBD gel cap has to dissolve, it can take a little longer for the oil inside the CBD oil capsule to reach the bloodstream. When you swish a CBD oil tincture in the mouth for up to two minutes, you can expect results within minutes. But when you take CBD oil capsules, it takes approximately an hour before the oil reaches the bloodstream.

I suggest consuming CBD capsules with a healthy fat like an Omega 3 supplement. This causes the CBD to enter the lymphatic system, which then allows the cannabidiol to be concentrated on the CB2 receptors in the immune system, therefore bypassing the liver detox process.

Why Do People Prefer Taking CBD in Capsules?

One reason people prefer CBD oil capsules is for the longevity of the results; CBD capsules can last much longer than CBD oil tinctures. According to my observations, the effects can last up to twelve hours. CBD Capsules are also discreet and taste-free.

CBD Oil Capsules are a wonderful option for busy people who are frequently on the go. A few pills can be tucked into your pocket or bag, which is much easier than carrying a glass tincture bottle–and certainly less hassle when traveling.

Have capsules, but still want a sublingual CBD experience? Just pop a capsule in your mouth and bite down. The oil inside the gel capsule can then be absorbed sublingually through your mucous membranes. This makes CBD capsules extremely convenient.

CBD oil capsules are NOT recommended for:

  • People who want to experience results within two minutes, but don’t want to bite into a capsule
  • Those who prefer cooking with CBD tinctures
  • Anyone you prefers mixing the CBD oil into food or a beverage
  • Someone who has difficulty swallowing pills
  • A person who would prefer powdered CBD to hemp oil
  • Those who want to make their own flavored CBD water with water-soluble CBD powder blend or Hemp CBD Liposomes

With so many different options, it’s easy to find a CBD product that best fits your lifestyle. For a superior cannabinoid experience, look for full-spectrum CBD (not an isolate) products that have been extracted using a non-toxic, supercritical CO2 extraction process.

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