Healthy Living With Disabilities – An Inspirational Story with Mary Ann Dittmeier

Healthy Living With Disabilities is the topic of discussion with Mary Ann Reidy Dittmeier.She is here to share her experiences in using natural health techniques since 1994.

About Mary Ann Dittmeier

Mary was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3. She was then treated with many very strong and dangerous medications, countless therapies and 23 surgeries/hospitalizations. Arthritis seriously affected her comfort, flexibility, all daily living activities, and independence; in addition to the basic effects of arthritis in general – pain, anger and depression.

Even with this debilitating condition, Mary Ann is college educated, holds several volunteer positions, drives, is married, and takes care of her home and two cats. Through her choice to use natural health techniques, Mary Ann experiences much less pain, more flexibility, more energy and peace of mind and a fuller life indeed. She was urged to share her healing experience to help others with chronic conditions. Mary Ann helps others understand the use of Bach Flower Remedies , which she offers through Find Your Balance (DBA).

Mary Ann is an adamant advocate for a healthcare system that integrates natural methods with standard medical therapies. She often notes that she is “disabled,” but not “sick” and that more people need to know that using the simplest of lifestyle changes of mind, body and spirit CAN re-balance and help to find a new level of health – no matter what our condition or disabilities.


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