Meet the Ambassadors: Diane “V” Capaldi, The PaleoBOSS Lady

by Chris Husong

Diane “V” Capaldi, the PaleoBOSS Lady, is a Paleo Ambassador, speaker, educator, encourager, and holistic lifestyle expert who’s been touring the U.S. since 2016. She dedicates her life to serving the communities she comes into contact with on a daily basis.

For the past year, V has been traveling the country coast-to-coast in the BAM Van on the Taking It to the Streets Tour, powered by Elixinol. In addition to speaking engagements, she attends trade shows, teaches workshops and cooking classes, conducts one-on-one intensives, and more.

“My story is truly a story of defying the odds in the face of chronic, progressive, debilitating conditions,” V says.

PaleoBOSS Lady V Capaldi's BAM Van

“The beauty of my journey is that it is 100% accessible, and it’s based on conscious choices. Through diet and lifestyle choices, I manage all of this.”

Hitting Rock Bottom…and Overhauling Her Wellness

Despite numerous health challenges and the diagnosis of a debilitating condition in her early 20s, V pushed ahead. She was a sales powerhouse, a savvy businesswoman, a mom, a world traveler, and a millionaire all by the age of 30.

V’s health took a turn for the worse, however, in the early 2000s. She found herself completely out of control of the issues she had been managing up until that point. In addition to losing the bilateral use of her hands, she had trouble swallowing and required in-home help around the clock. She had also used up her life savings over the course of her illness.

“I had exhausted all my financial resources,” V says. She was facing an increasingly desperate situation.

Instead of giving up, V decided to take a closer look at her lifestyle choices. She realized her life was toxic in many ways–and she resolved to start making changes.

V expanded her yoga practice into a daily routine and incorporated new habits like daily dancing and self-care. She attended meditation retreats and began to approach her life from a more holistic point of view. Then, she turned her attention to her diet.

After watching a TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls , V was inspired to begin following Dr. Wahls’s dietary suggestions. For V, these dietary adjustments proved to be life-changing. Through overhauling her lifestyle and the foods she ate, she began to regain control over her wellness.

Taking It To the Streets in the BAM Van

In 2016, V sold all her possessions and took to the road, helping others in need who reached out to her.

That summer, a friend V was visiting gifted her with the Elixinol X-Pen. At first, V was skeptical, but she perked up when her friend mentioned the CBD was organic. V had purchased CBD before, but she hadn’t considered the ingredients, method of extraction, or hemp farming practices before.

“I never even thought about that part,” she says. “Little Miss Conscious never asked a question when I bought CBD. I didn’t think about the ingredients, didn’t think about whether it was organic.

“My friend said, ‘This stuff’s organic. The way they distill it matters.’

“I started applying the X-Pen under my tongue in the morning, then added it in the evening. I thought of it like a one-a-day vitamin and started taking it to support the endocannabinoid system.”

Although she had initially been unsure what to expect, V was thrilled when she found relief from issues like temporary sleeplessness and inflammation.

“I started sleeping more deeply and more soundly. I woke up less often. I was really surprised that I was getting outcomes like that.”

In addition, V says she noticed a reduction in pain related to temporary inflammation. And incorporating Hemp Balm into her daily self-massage practices became a soothing way to relax her hands and shoulders after long hours on the road, improving her comfort level dramatically.

Today, Hemp Balm is V’s go-to CBD product. She uses the balm to prep her wrists, handles, ankles, feet, and elbows for self-massage.

“I can identify where I’m the tightest from driving. I get a lot of tightness between my first and second fingers and my thumbs, so I find that a self-massage with the balm provides great relief for me,” she says.

The X-Pen continues to be V’s other favorite CBD delivery method. She often uses Respira on the road and enjoys taking Hemp Extract Liposomes before and after speaking engagements, as needed.

Sharing the Life-Changing Power of Hemp CBD

Whenever she gets a chance, she shares the power of hemp CBD extract with others.

“I’m out in the community every single day, and the most powerful thing that happened this past year was not living the van. It was not educating the consumers about hemp. It was how many people shared with me how hemp is changing their lives.

“That makes you stand at attention. If I was grateful before, I’m even more grateful now because of the Farm Bill, greater access to hemp, and Elixinol keeping a safe access point for all of us. CBD has the ability to change the narrative and trajectory around healthcare above anything that has happened in decades.”

V hopes to inspire others to use CBD alongside other healthy lifestyle choices like “food, grounding, fresh air, laughter, self-love, meditation, dancing–all the things I use every single day.”

“I believe we’re going to be able to have a different healthcare narrative,” she says. “To have some small part in it is one of the most important things I’ve done in my life so far.”

Visit V’s website here or follow her on Facebook and Instagram for her latest updates from the road.

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