Herbstrong CBD: Recovery Drops Made for the Fitness Minded (Review + Coupon!)

We aren’t crossfitters. And we don’t lift weights.

One of our best friends, however, is huge into all things CrossFit .

And when we sent her an email with a link to Herbstrong’s website asking her honest opinion about the overall look and feel of this CBD brand targeted specifically toward crossfitters, powerlifters, and other serious athletes, she called us almost immediately.

Not only did she already know who the company was…but also let us in on the fact that Herbstrong is one of the most popular CBD companies in the CrossFit community.

There’s no denying that Herbstrong has their target market down. In today’s world of CBD that’s something that several companies are finding is what it takes to make it in an industry where new companies are created all the time.

Herbstrong advertises their CBD oil tinctures as “Recovery Drops” rather than “CBD Oil Tincture” like the majority of most CBD companies out there.

Because to Herbstrong, that’s what it’s really all about. Helping with athletic recovery. Not to mention helping keep athletes on top of their game.

Herbstrong CBD Products

Herbstrong has a simple line of CBD products aimed at athletes…and their pets (because everyone loves their furry friends, hardcore athletes included).  

Herbstrong has recently debuted onto the CBD scene with the following products:

1,000mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops ($65.00)


Herbstrong’s CBD tincture, designed with strength and effectiveness in mind. Each drop contains 4mg/CBD, with 250 servings per .5oz bottle.

Silver Edition 3000mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops ($190)


Advertised as twice the size and 3x the strength of the original 1000mg Recovery Drops, with approximately 6mg full spectrum CBD per individual drop.

Gold Edition 5000mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops ($320)


Advertised as twice the size and 5x the strength of the original 1000mg Recovery Drops, with approximately 10mg full spectrum CBD per individual drop.

Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Cream ($65.00)


One of Herbstrong’s top-sellers is their Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Cream designed for recovering muscles, injuries, pains, and cramps. Each jar of cream contains 1000mg CBD, or approximately 20mg CBD per dime size amount (with 50 servings per jar).

Strong Paws Full Spectrum Recovery Drops (250mg/$30, 1000mg/$65, 2000mg/$125)


Everyone loves their pets, crossfitters included. Herbstrong offers an option for the furry friends of the fitness minded with their Strong Paws Full Spectrum Recovery Drops formulated with pets in mind. Their 250mg size is recommended for small animals (think cats and Chihuahuas), while the 100mg size is best for pets over 20lbs. The 2000mg size is best suited for larger animals (think big dogs, 50lbs or over).

Herbstrong Gift Cards

Want to give the gift of CBD? Herbstrong makes it easy by offering a selection of gift cards ranging from $50-$200.

Herbstrong CBD: A Review

While we’re not huge into fitness in the way that Herbstrong is, we can absolutely appreciate CBD for athletic recovery and helping maintain balance of body and mind.

We didn’t try all of Herbstrong’s products, but we did try their 1000mg Extra Strength Recovery Drops .

The bottle and dropper itself was different than most CBD tinctures we’ve tried. Unlike other tinctures where the entire dropper is typically considered a serving size, Herbstrong’s serving size is “one drop” of tincture, which was 4mg CBD/drop in the bottle we tried.


While this is totally unique, we found that it was a little difficult to tell exactly how many drops we were really getting when taking the tincture sublingually.

Sure, 5 drops would equal 20mg of CBD, but we couldn’t tell if we got 5 drops or more when we dropped it under our tongue. The dropper in the .5oz bottle was also much smaller than what we’re typically accustomed to.

The taste of Herbstrong CBD was totally on the natural side, but not at all overpowering.

It was also soft on the pallet and smooth when swallowed. There also wasn’t any noticeable, lingering aftertaste whatsoever.

We’re not sure if it’s because Herbstrong has done such a good job with the packaging and presentation of their products, but when trying their Extra Strength Recovery Drops we really felt like we were using a high-quality product.

When we went to look for current lab results of their products on their website, we couldn’t find any.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The importance of third-party lab test results that are easily accessible on a company’s website is paramount. Lab results ensure you’re getting exactly what a company claims to offer. Without them, it’s impossible to know what’s in your CBD oil…including THC levels, pesticides, or any other unwanted contaminants or compounds.


While Herbstrong did cover a lot of information in their FAQ section (where we looked to see if their lab results were published), without lab results it’s almost impossible to say if their product holds up to their claims.

Final Thoughts on Herbstrong CBD

For being a new CBD company, Herbstrong has done a great job of making themselves a name in the industry.

They’ve got 74,000 followers on Instagram and our CrossFit junkie best friend knew immediately who they were.

While we didn’t try all their products, the Extra Strength Recovery Drops we did try seemed to help us focus a bit more while writing this review.

Overall, we think Herbstrong is doing an awesome job of attracting their target audience and has their marketing game down.

We love that they offer free shipping on orders over $100. And that they have an option to purchase gift cards on their site. They also offer a veteran’s discount but don’t list exactly how much it is. Best thing to do is contact their customer service team about that.

Have you tried Herbstrong CBD products? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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