5 Surprising Everyday Uses for CBD Oil

by Jessica Filoramo

CBD has been gaining a lot of national attention, and more customers are quickly realizing that it has a number of great attributes that can keep you going and improve your day, every day.

CBD, after all, is non-intoxicating; there’s no high, just all the goodness of pure, full-spectrum hemp that can relieve temporary symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, sleeplessness, and mood swings.

Wondering exactly how you can incorporate our products into your daily routine to put a little pep in your step? Let’s take a look at 5 incredible everyday uses for CBD.

1. Start Your Day Off Right

Starting your day off right with CBD will set you up for a productive, happy morning. You’ll be able to ease any anxiety you have about the day in front of you and its antioxidants can head off any inflammation early on so you feel great.

Two products that are perfect in your morning routine are the X-Pen and Natural CBD Tincture. The X-Pen can give you your precise 15mg serving size of hemp extract from an oral applicator, which is easy to bring with you if you’re ever traveling or on the go. The Natural CBD Tincture , on the other hand, can easily be added to your coffee or blended up into your morning smoothie. All you need is one 5mg half-dropper full, and you can add it alongside other energy or nutrient boosters like collagen powder, chia seeds, or hemp protein .

2. Power Through the Morning Commute

Morning commutes can be stressful, whether you’re dealing with a ten-minute drive through downtown traffic or need to board a flight for a conference cross-country. The last thing you need is early-morning chaos throwing the rest of your day out of whack, so consider making your own CBD water before you leave your house to ease some of that stress.

You can stir either CBD powder or Liposomes into your water before you head out for your commute, which will keep you hydrated and avoid feeling tense.

Create CBD Powder Blend

The powder is berry-flavored , microencapsulated, highly bioaccessible, and water-soluble, making it easy to mix into liquids and easier for your body to absorb quickly. All you need is one 10mg packet and you’ll be good to go. It’s caffeine-free, but its proprietary terpene profile can still give you an energy boost.

Hemp Extract Liposomes are encapsulated into a water-soluble fat, making it another great choice for high bioavailability, and dissolves quickly into water. Try the citrus-flavored Liposomes, and opt for 5mg of CBD with 5 pumps of the product. Its unique formulation helps it to work exceptionally quickly, and you don’t have to take as much to really feel those great results, giving it a nice cost-effective benefit, too.

3. Get a Surge of Afternoon Energy

We’re all way too familiar with that mid-afternoon slump that hits sometime around lunch. Imagine how great it would be too avoid it altogether. You can get ready for an early evening workout, calm your nerves before a big presentation at work, or just get a little more energy to finish the day out strong.

CBD powder can help you here again, too. The bright, citrus-flavored powder is perfect for the afternoon, and it’s easy-to-dissolve and fast-to-work formula makes it a great choice for a burst of energy without dependency-causing caffeine. A single 10mg packet is all you need for a big impact.

Check out the video below, where Chris Husong (Elixinol’s Director of Sales and Marketing) and Joy Beckerman (Elixinol’s Regulatory Officer and Industry Liaison) demonstrate how Hemp Extract Liposomes and microencapsulated CBD powder work.

If you don’t want to mix your CBD  into a drink, check out the Cinnamint Tincture , which is cinnamon and mint-flavored, giving you a zing that helps refocus you for a strong finish to your day. Use a half-dropper full, or 5mg CBD, to start.

4. Power Up for An Evening Workout

Some research has indicated that strength training may be most effective in the late afternoon or early evening, but many people struggle to muster up the stamina later in the day.

CBD hemp balm is an outstanding solution before, during, or after your workouts. It’s designed to be applied to a localized area, so you can massage it directly into the muscles you’re targeting with your workout to relieve temporary inflammation and keep you focused. This can also support a strong recovery afterward.

If you decide to test out the balm for yourself, you’ll be in good company. MMA fighters Andrew Leone and Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest both use it themselves. Celebrity trainer Alec Penix, another of our Brand Ambassadors, also regularly uses hemp balm on his clients, sometimes even using it throughout their workout. (Alec is presenting a webinar all about how hemp extract fits in with fitness training on March 19, hosted by IdeaFit. Sign up for free here! )

Tiffany Van Soest for Elixinol

MMA fighter and Elixinol Brand Ambassador Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest applies Hemp Balm after training to support recovery.

Even if your muscles are just sore after a long day of driving, the balm’s unique blend of CBD and complimentary essential oils can soothe inflammation and the discomfort that comes with it.

5. Wind Down for a Good Night’s Sleep

High quality sleep is exceptionally valuable. Not only will you start the day well-rested, but a good night’s rest can improve your mental clarity, boost your immune system , and keep you healthier and happier. With more than 35% of adults struggling to get enough sleep, you should take every advantage possible to ensure you’re getting enough zzz’s.

Ready for sound sleep? Our Dream CBD powder is made with a proprietary terpene profile formulated especially for nighttime, and it comes in a dark cocoa flavor so it can be mixed into a soothing cup of hot chocolate (due to its rich formulation, must be made with hot water). It’s specifically designed for night use, soothing any anxiety and helping you to wind down before bed.

CBD capsules are also a great choice, giving you a taste-free, discreet, and long-lasting way to get your serving of CBD. A single capsule contains 15mg of CBD oil and will carry you through the night and into the next morning.

Looking to put a little pep in your step or add a little calm to the chaos? Explore the full Elixinol product line here .

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