CBD Oil for Women: Supporting Wellness and Balanced Lifestyles

by Jessica Filoramo – If you’ve heard a lot of buzz about CBD oil, there’s a good reason. Increasing numbers of women are turning to CBD oil thanks to its wide range of nutritive properties, which all come without the high.

To better understand how and why they’re using CBD oil to improve their lives, Remedy Review recently conducted a study of more than 855 women who use it. The results are eye-opening, and explain exactly why these products have gained so much mainstream attention.

CBD Use Among Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Women

One of the first things the study looked at was who was using CBD oil, including their demographics, and how often. Here’s what they found:

  • 36.4% of women in the $25,000-49,000 per year annual income bracket use CBD regularly.
  • 38.8% of women who use CBD have a Bachelor’s degree. Female CBD users were even twice as likely as the national average to have a Bachelor’s degree at the age of 25.
  • 43.6% of women who use CBD use it an average of 7.3 days per month.
  • The majority of Gen X and Baby Boomer women prefer CBD tinctures as their delivery method of choice. Millennials prefer edibles, with tinctures trailing behind as a close second.

CBD Can Calm Myriad Issues Like Anxiety, Sleeplessness

CBD may calm multiple issues, including temporary signs of anxiety, sleeplessness, and inflammation, and many women who participated in the survey were using products to help manage some of the symptoms.

Some of the most common CBD oil benefits for women included:

  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety
  • Increased calm
  • Reduction of mood swings after a stressful day
  • Soothed inflammation in the body
  • Improved quality and quantity of sleep
  • Less sleeplessness
  • Boosted concentration and focus

A large percentage of women expressly stated that they’re using CBD oil to help them relax and wind down; this was particularly common amongst Millennials.

This isn’t surprising, as women have so much on their plates. Many are trying to balance some mix of parenting, growing a career or a business, getting an education, conducting emotional labor, maintaining their homes, and prioritizing relationships. There’s so much women are trying to juggle on a daily basis, so it makes sense that the CBD oil benefits for women are compelling, especially since it can help you stay centered and focused while you tackle each day and relax you once it’s all said and done.

How Often Are Women Using CBD

Ways to Integrate CBD Into Your Busy Life

If you’re wondering how you can experience the benefits from CBD oil, there are several CBD products for women that can be easily used even on your most chaotic days.

You can start your day with Powdered CBD products for women, like our berry-flavored Create CBD powder , which is water-soluble and can be added to your water as you head out the door, wait in the drop-off line, or make your way into the office. It will help you get your focus in order, but without those caffeine jitters–and the subsequent crash–that comes from coffee.

Another great option for CBD oil for women is our X-Pen , which can easily be packed in your purse and carried with you for high-potency, on-the-go CBD. It will deliver a single serving size whenever you need it throughout the day.

If you’re struggling with that afternoon slump, either trying to get through the work day, make it to the gym, or get your kids to soccer on time, check out the Build Powdered CBD . It will get you through whatever you need to tackle next with renewed energy and dedication.

And after that long day is over, it’s important to take time for yourself to relax and unwind. Massage some Hemp Balm into the areas where your muscles are holding the most tension, or ask your partner for a little help! Afterward, curl up with a good book or some Netflix binging, sipping a delicious chocolate treat made with our Dream CBD , which has a specifically formulated terpene profile to increase calm for a better night’s sleep.

Whether you want to use CBD regularly or just keep it on hand and close by (in the purse is always a good option) for when you need it most to get through a tough day, there are numerous options for how you can incorporate it into your life. Choose what works best for you, and enjoy the comforts it brings.

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