Hemp Cheeba Chews: Cannabis Candy Maker Turns To CBD

Cheeba Chews, longtime makers of THC-infused candies, is turning to CBD. We thought we’d take a closer look at hemp Cheeba Chews.

Every election season, more and more states open their doors to psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”) . Alongside that, many THC-focused companies are expanding across the country. Businesses that could only operate in Colorado or Washington can now open doors in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Michigan. This expansion is bound to eventually hit the entire country.

However, these very companies are now seeing an ever-growing market for a cannabis product which is already legal nationwide. Since the 2018 Farm Bill , the demand for hemp has skyrocketed. The stigma we hemp enthusiasts fought against is now diminishing. And people who never had interest in cannabis are opening up to all the possibilities CBD products have to offer.

Cheeba Chews transition from psychoactive cannabis to hemp seemed worth exploring to us.

In 2009, James Howler developed a THC-infused taffy for medical cannabis patients within the state of Colorado. The goal of these candies was to provide the public with a safe, reliable form of cannabis which didn’t require a puff of smoke. A decade later, after much success, Cheeba Chews set its eyes on hemp.

Eric Leslie, the Marketing Officer of Cheeba Chews, discussed with us the transition from THC to CBD.

“The demand [for CBD] was coming from many consumers outside of legal cannabis states that we operate in,” Leslie told us. “I believe there is a large contingent of consumers that are totally apprehensive about trying THC infused products, due to societal perception through years of probation.”

After years of success with their signature THC-infused taffy, Cheeba Chews branched out this week with the launch of their CBD chews. Photo: A collection of Cheeba Chews hemp products in various flavors.

After years of success with their signature THC-infused taffy, Cheeba Chews branched out this week with the launch of their new CBD chews.



While marijuana continues to fight against stigma and prohibition, hemp has taken a large towards becoming the social norm it should have always been.

As Leslie believes, the main reason people are turning their heads towards CBD is to seek out, “an outlet to experiment with alternative health and wellness options while not worrying about any sort of psychoactive disorientation.”

Public opinion and demand seems to confirm this statement. Just recently, CVS Pharmacy announced it’s going to begin carrying CBD products. This is pretty big news since consumers trust drug stores more than the smoke shops that often sell CBD. Furthermore, it really shows the demand has now reached a very corporate level.

“The conversation about CBD has hit a tipping point,” Leslie said, “and consumers are more open than ever to trying hemp derived products.”

Businesses are trying to get into this game as quickly as possible, before the market is saturated with competition. Cheeba Chews are no exception to this. One of their primary goals in creating hemp-based taffy is to reach the very states where marijuana remains illegal.

“We will track local, state, and federal regulations closely as we develop our distribution plan,” Leslie noted. “Having our website as a direct purchasing source for consumers means anyone, in any part of the country, can have access to our reliable and delicious hemp infused Cheeba Chews.”


The healing benefits of CBD encouraged Cheeba Chews decision about releasing a hemp line of products. Despite the many benefits of marijuana, the psychoactive effects turn off many consumers.

“We have always believed in making a positive impact in the lives of those that trust in and consume our products,” Leslie mentioned. “Federal regulations and limitations on ‘official’ research restricts us from explicitly expressing any sort of specific medical benefits, but we believe in the power of CBD.”

Everyday consumers also believe in this power. Word of mouth is powerful! While the government remains reluctant to study hemp, regular CBD users are already discovering new benefits. Due to this, they’re spreading the word around to others in need of natural medicines.

This word of mouth is one of the main reasons finance professionals predict the hemp industry will hit well over $2 billion by 2022 . Still, it takes more than just oral communication to develop a prediction. Just as importantly, companies must build trust with their customers.

A densely packed hemp field in front of a tree-lined hill.

The 2018 Farm Bill fully legalizes hemp in the U.S. Legalization helps to reduce the stigma around hemp increase demand, too.

Leslie claimed the primary goal of Cheeba Chews is, “to help distribute our reliable, and trusted products to more people, and assist in continuing to change the narrative and stigma around CBD.”


Leslie expressed excitement about Cheeba Chews’ growing line of CBD-based taffy products

“We’re looking to expand out award-winning taffy flavor variety,” Leslie anticipates. “In fact, next month, we will be launching our new Orange Cream taffy flavor in both our cannabis and hemp line.”

Still, they’re keeping an open mind for products outside of taffy.

Hemp Cheeba Chews are currently available in four flavors on the official website. They’re available for sale to all 50 states. Each taffy piece offers 25mg of CBD.

“With the global CBD movement amplified by the passing of the U.S. Farm Bill, greater understanding of the benefits of Cannabidiol has helped shift public perception of the plant, increasing demand for hemp-based products,” said Eric Leslie.

“With award-winning flavors, consumers already trust and rely on the brand for creating the highest quality cannabis products, and we have taken that same approach in developing our line of hemp chews.”

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