Cultivation Specialist, Lake Wales


Do you have what it takes to be a part of an industry leading cannabis company? We are GrowHealthy – a company dedicated to delivering the best products and services possible to the patients of Florida. GrowHealthy is a high-growth business asset of iAnthus Capital Management. We are positioned to become one of Florida’s largest and most trusted medical marijuana companies. Working hand-in-hand with state and local governments, the GrowHealthy brand features company-grown, tested, safe, and effective medical marijuana products

GrowHealthy is a looking for a Cultivation Specialist. A Cultivation Specilaist is responsible for plant care in all stages of life-cycle cannabis growth to include germination, vegetative, flowering and harvest at the direction of the management team. The Technician journals, monitors and tracks all observations in the company’s software tracking inventory control system.

Key Responsibilities

  • Cloning, potting plants, watering plants, fertilizer application, foliar/pesticide application
  • Check and water all plants in cultivation facility as outlined in the Daily Room-Checklist
  • Label plants, transplant, harvest plants through the plant life cycle utilizing chain of custody process
  • Transplanting plants in accordance with production schedule
  • Trimming plants in the vegetative stage and creating clone material
  • Observation, spotting for pests and/or deficiencies to detect the presence of insects or disease
  • Inspect plants/flowers to assess quality and health
  • Harvesting, Trimming, Packaging plant biomass material
  • Using hand tools and gardening tools (scissors, scalpels, measuring in instrumentation, etc.)
  • Record information about plants and plant growth, data entry, maintained in the inventory control system
  • Maintaining a clean work area and maintain tools in accordance with sanitation standards
  • Washing pots/trays/lights, etc. retuning the materials to the appropriate area
  • Maintaining proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working in restricted areas
  • Adhering to the reporting structure in the chain of command of management


  • High School Diploma
  • Some college
  • Experience preferably in horticulture, plant science, manufacturing or business administration and three to five years of experience in related position with an emphasis in an operations production/manufacturing environment.
  • Competent computer skills including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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