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What Is A Sports Injury and How Do I Treat One?

With seniors and every other age group, more active than ever, it pays to be aware of the potential for injury. Although we aren’t all professional athletes, activities such as jogging, racquetball, weight lifting, and even power walking can still cause injury. The feeling of accomplishment after working out is great, but working out too hard can lead to a sports injury, which requires immediate attention. Causes of Sport Injuries Some sports injuries occur due to a lack of proper training, conditioning, the absence of stretching before a workout, or misuse of training equipment.  Some sports injuries are chronic, meaning they occur over a long period of time. These injuries can occur after years of training or exercise and are usually the result of repetitive movements or activities such as jogging, throwing, or dancing. These movements usually cause stress on our ankles, knees, shoulders, or hips. There are several injuries associated with the term “chronic injuries”: stress fractures tendinitis epiphysitis If these types of injuries are not attended to immediately, they tend to get worse over time. Other sports injuries are more acute. Acute injuries, such as a sprained ankle, back, or fractured wrist can occur suddenly while you are participating in a sports activity. Acute injuries are recognizable by sudden, serious pain, redness, and swelling. Someone who has experienced an acute injury is usually unable to place weight on the injured area. They will also be unable to move the joint through its full range of motion. Some acute…

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