Meet the Ambassadors: Alec Penix, Celebrity Trainer and Author

by Chris Husong – Alec Penix is a celebrity trainer, author, and the newest member of Elixinol’s Brand Ambassador team. He’s dedicated to helping people feel and look their very best, whether they’re A-list actors or solopreneurs.

Alec’s client roster includes Dancing with the Stars dancers Derek and Julianne Hough, Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, actor/singer Aaron Tveit, singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, plus many other musicians, actors, professional athletes, models, film and TV executives, CEOs, and more. His first book, Seven Sundays , was released in December 2018.

Launching a Thriving Career as a Trainer

A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alec attended Eastern Michigan University, where he played football. He later transferred to the University of Kentucky, where he continued his college football career and earned his degree in dietetics.

Playing football and studying nutrition piqued Alec’s interest in personal training.

“Initially, my interest was innocent,” he says. “I wanted to apply some of the knowledge I’d gleaned over the years during sports and incorporate that as a trainer. I didn’t plan to be a trainer for as long as I have been, but the more I’ve done it, the more I fall in love with it.”

Alec moved to Hollywood and found a niche there, helping celebrities prepare for camera, stage, and red carpet events.

Celebrity Trainer Alec Penix

These days, Alec’s business has shifted from a client base consisting mainly of celebrities to a more diverse base.

“Now it’s half and half,” he says. “The business has evolved since I published my book. Now, it’s more about helping the average Joe who wants to feel better about themselves.”

Spiritual Awakening Enriches and Reinvigorates Career

A few years into his career, Alec experienced what he describes as a spiritual awakening. While he was successful and physically strong, he began to feel like something was missing.

Exploring the mind-body-spirit connection energized and reinvigorated Alec in both his personal life and his career as a trainer.

“It shifted my beliefs about life and myself; I moved from having a lot of rigid energy to going with the flow and co-creating with life.

“So many of us come from a place of forcing things rather than trusting the process, allowing it to unfold, and letting it inspire you to do amazing things. These days, I feel a lot freer.”

Alec says that being intentional about being fully present in the moment, raising his vibration, and enjoying life keeps him in the right mindset to keep growing and succeeding.

“My intention is to feel present and feel good in the present moment,” he says. “At one time, it was so about the future, achieving, and being ambitious.

“I think we’re told that we have to think about our desires and where we want to go in life. But if you feel good where you are, you’ll attract your desires naturally.”

Integrating CBD Into Daily Rhythms and Fitness Regimens

Before Alec began supplementing with CBD, he had heard of it. Unfortunately, for a long time, he associated it with THC and the idea of a “high”. He also believed it didn’t apply to him, as it was often linked with severe health conditions rather than healthy lifestyles and workout recovery.

Alec Penix Instagram

Once he learned that hemp-derived CBD oil extract is non-intoxicating and can’t get you high, he began adding it to his daily routine. He also began using topical CBD Hemp Balm for post-workout recovery.

When it comes to CBD consumption, Alec’s routine fluctuates. But most of the time, he takes one or two CBD Capsules in the afternoon right after lunch–when “you feel like you want to take a nap,” he says.

When he’s feeling nervous or stressed out, he adds additional CBD to his usual routine. Supplementing with CBD helps him feel level and more like himself.

At night, he’ll supplement again–often taking one or two capsules, plus one serving of tincture. The tinctures (like Liposomes or Natural CBD tincture) provide quick results, while the capsules provide more long-lasting results. (According to anecdotal patient experiences, Elixinol’s medical advisor, Dr. Philip Blair, has observed that capsules may work for as long as 12 hours .)

“My energy is always at a high level, and I’m called to give and be there for people on multiple levels,” he says.

“When I finally get the chance to sit down, relax, and get ready to sleep, my thoughts are still activated at a high level. CBD centers me and helps me redirect my nervous thoughts. It calms me into a state where I can relax and get into a deep, restorative sleep.”

Introducing Training Clients to CBD for Recovery, Stress Relief

In Seven Sundays, Alec talks about the three pillars of healthy living: nutrition, exercise, and sleep. To his surprise, he found that CBD can be easily and seamlessly integrated into all three of these critical areas.

“As I began incorporating CBD into my life , I realized it could complement and elevate my clients’ healthy lifestyles, too,” he says.

Alec introduced some of his clients to CBD, making oral and topical delivery recommendations. He began seeing life-changing results in his clients’ experiences and is passionate about spreading the word about CBD to as many people as possible.

Missed Alec’s Webinar? Catch the Replay!

In February 2019, Alec presented an IdeaFit webinar sponsored by Elixinol about how CBD integrates into training regimens (for both personal trainers and clients!). The replay is available until February 2020. If you’d like to watch the replay, you can do that here .

Alec Penix IdeaFit Webinar

For more information about Alec, visit @alecthetrainer on Instagram , @AlecPenixTheTrainer on Facebook , or on his website .

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