Introducing New Doctor-Recommended CBD Oil Tinctures Powered by Elixinol

by Chris Husong – We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking KBMD CBD Extract tinctures , first in an all-new line of Doctor-Recommended CBD oil products Powered by Elixinol.

Formulated in partnership with KBMD Health, KBMD CBD is a 900-mg full-spectrum CBD oil in a 1oz tincture. It’s formulated specifically for people who are focused on supporting their digestive wellness, and available only through Elixinol partners.

CBD Oil Formulated by a Renowned Gastroenterologist and Elixinol

Elixinol partnered with Ken Brown, MD, founder of KBMD Health, to formulate this high-potency hemp extract tincture. KBMD CBD offers restorative relief to support a healthy digestive tract.

Dr. Brown has been recommending CBD oil to hundreds of patients for more than two years to supplement their digestive wellness goals. During his time gathering his patients’ CBD experiences, he discovered a common pattern: his patients reported the best outcomes with serving sizes of 15mg twice per day, or 30mg total.

“Elixinol’s hemp CBD extracts have proven to be instrumental to my patients in alleviating abdominal discomfort caused by digestive issues,” Dr. Brown says. “Elixinol’s dedication to quality, third-party tested CBD products, as well as clean sourcing, extraction and production processes, made it an easy decision in terms of a partner for this product.”

Doctor-Recommended KBMD CBD Extract 900mg is available exclusively through authorized Elixinol partners.

High-Potency, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Recommended by Doctors

Each full-spectrum serving of doctor-recommended KBMD CBD Extract delivers all the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phytonutrients, and other naturally-occurring components of hemp. KBMD CBD comes in Elixinol’s delicious, signature flavors: Natural and Cinnamint.

Like all products powered by Elixinol, the CBD oil in KBMD CBD is supercritical CO2-extracted from hemp plants grown organically and bred with high CBD (cannabidiol) concentrations. The tinctures are non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and contain 0.3% or less THC. That means, despite their potency, that KBMD tinctures won’t get you high.

CO2 extraction preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other hemp components for a well-rounded CBD experience. Every batch of CBD oil Powered by Elixinol is, as always, tested and verified by independent third parties to ensure purity and quality.

About Ken Brown, MD

Dr. Brown is a celebrated gastroenterologist who has a passion for bringing the natural and medical sciences together. He believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor that doesn’t stop once a person leaves college and enters the workforce.

As a part of this philosophy, Dr. Brown began clinical research over 10 years ago to identify innovative, new approaches to holistic wellness. Along the way, he began recommending CBD oil to his patients to support their wellness journey.

We’re proud to partner with KBMD Health to produce this powerful new hemp CBD extract. Medical specialists like Dr. Brown who have identified a need to laser-focus on will be instrumental in helping us pave the way toward the CBD’s industry rapidly-growing future.

Dr. Brown is helping individuals who are new to the concept of cannabinoids to understand CBD’s incredible potential to support daily wellness.

Dr. Brown has appeared in many TV programs, multiple top-tier publications, as well as podcasts. He is the host of the “Gut Check Project” podcast and digital radio show, where he and his guests discuss health, science, and more. (Learn more here. )

Interested in learning more about KBMD CBD and how to stock it in your wellness practice? Find out here .

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