Coming Soon: New Elixinol Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Formulations

by Chris Husong – This spring, the full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures you trust for purity and potency will be undergoing a significant change.

As we continually improve our processing abilities and the genetics of our hemp cultivars, you may notice color and flavor changes in Elixinol’s Natural and Cinnamint tinctures , along with the X-Pen .

You’ll begin to see changes to our CBD tinctures in May 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

Lighter-Colored CBD Oil

Tinctures will now be a golden-amber color; lighter than past formulations, which were a dark amber. That’s because we’ve introduced new processing methods for our extracts that yield higher potency CBD oil with lower chlorophyll content.

Our latest, most advanced CO2 extraction equipment pulls less chlorophyll into the extract during processing.

If you regularly consume our CBD Capsules , you may have noticed the change in them already. This change could also affect future batches of the X-Pen.

Improved Flavor

Lower chlorophyll in your CBD means a smoother taste profile, too. Removing more chlorophyll from our CBD extracts will reduce the intense, earthy taste that can sometimes come with full-spectrum CBD.

What does this mean for our classic CBD oil formulas? Just an improved taste experience for you, along with a more potent oil.

Higher Potency

While our CBD oil may taste more pleasant and be lighter in color, it’s actually more potent than ever. Why? The changes are the combined result of stronger genetics in our hemp cultivars and the lower chlorophyll content from new processing equipment.

Stronger cultivar genetics mean industrial hemp plants that yield higher concentrations of CBD. When hemp has a higher CBD content, less extract is required to get the same milligram amount of CBD.

When Will I Start Getting the New CBD Oil?

We will continue to ship the current formula while we gradually cycle in new batches. You should start seeing changes by the beginning of May 2019.

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