Hemp Seed Oil Coffee: How To Make Hemp Oil Cold Brew At Home

Pairing the refreshing taste of home-made cold brew coffee with the nutritional punch of hemp seed oil, our hemp oil cold brew recipe makes for a delicious drink for any occasion.

With the rise of Starbucks in the ‘70s and the more recent rise of local 3rd wave coffee shops, cold brew coffee has become commonplace in millennial Instagram stories worldwide. Providing an easy-to-drink, smooth and crisp coffee beverage, it’s no surprise to see the cold brew become so popular.

Our hemp oil cold brew recipe is easy, delicious, energizing, and even good for you. Photo: A mason jar-style mug of cold brew coffee with ice cubes rests on a rustic wooden counter.

Our hemp oil cold brew recipe is easy, delicious, energizing, and even good for you.

While awesome on its own, a benefit that cold-brew carries from its hotter cousin is the innate ability to serve as a perfect canvas for other flavors, sugars, milks and syrups. This is where we insert the hemp seed oil part of this equation; a nutrient-dense oil that is easily integrated into all kinds of beverages, it can not only provide a nutritional boost but also tastes great.

While lots of people add coconut oil or even butter to coffee, we think hemp seed oil is a better choice. We’ve even seen at least one commercial hemp seed oil coffee on the market. However, our hemp oil cold brew is easy to make, and it’ll help you get through your stressful workday.


While coffee is good for improving athletic performance & liver health and even reduces the risk of diabetes, cold-brewed coffee brings with it a separate set of benefits . When the coffee grounds are steeped overnight (and sometimes even longer), the chemical composition of the drink changes. More specifically, the phytochemicals contained in coffee beans (which in turn contain antioxidants) stay preserved within the coffee. Normally these phytochemicals are burned away when exposed to high temperatures in the traditional preparation methods of coffee and in the roasting process, but when you use the cold-brew method paired with a light roast coffee bean, these antioxidants stay intact (for the most part).

Another benefit of cold brewed coffee is its lower caffeine content. Now, this may sound counter-intuitive to the ethos of coffee, but trust me, if you drink coffee for pleasure then cold brew is perfect for you. If you get easily wired from coffee, but you still crave the taste of coffee, try cold brew. With its lower caffeine content, you can drink cold brew multiple times throughout the day while mitigating those unwanted caffeine highs and lows.

We think hemp seed oil tastes better, and offers unique benefits over butter or coconut oil. Photo: A spoon stirring a coffee cup on a bed of coffee beans.

We think hemp seed oil tastes better, and offers unique benefits over butter or coconut oil.

With drastically different tasting notes than traditional coffee, cold brew is great at bringing out the individual tasting notes of the coffee bean, while also giving you a cool rush of flavor with every drink. Perfect as a canvas for other flavors or simply a refreshing coffee drink on a sweltering summer day.


Hemp seed oil’s benefits are similar to hemp seeds. Pressed hemp seed oil has a myriad of health benefits such as anti-inflammatories, fatty acids, and Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). Hemp seed oil also provides more valuable antioxidants.

The most important of this bunch is arguably the GLA contained in the oil. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but GLA is essential in regulating blood pressure, heart pressure and even obesity. In terms of macro-nutrients, hemp-seed oil gives you a nice nutrient boost while providing a source of good fats.

Plus, we just love the flavor of hemp seed oil coffee. We think you’ll love the way it brings out the earthy, nutty flavor of cold brew coffee.

Ministry Of Hemp Official Hemp Oil Coffee RecipeMINISTRY OF HEMP’S HEMP OIL COLD BREW RECIPE

Prep time: 8-20 hours

Servings: 8


  • 8 ounces whole light roast coffee beans (pro tip: look for a roasting date on the package for freshness and overall quality, coffee makers who put roasting dates on their packaging are usually higher quality)
  • 8 cups water
  • 2-3 tea spoons hemp-seed oil
  • ½ cup of hemp seeds
  • Sweetener is optional. We love this coffee black.


  1. Use a coffee-grinder to grind the coffee (you’ll want to use a larger grind, meaning keep the coffee similar to the texture of raw sugar).
  2. Combine the coffee-hemp seed mix with water into a large jar or pitcher. Mix in the hemp-seed oil at this point (this will allow the oil and coffee to mix while it steeps overnight).
  3. Gently stir to incorporate it into the water. Five ‘stirs’ should be good.
  4. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. Steeping the mixture for longer means a more potent concentrate.
  5. Strain the coffee via cheesecloth or paper towel. DO NOT squeeze the coffee grounds as that will release bitter tasting notes (Paper filters not recommended as they tend to rip and make a huge mess).
  6. Put into resealable container.
  7. Drink and enjoy! This recipe creates a strong coffee concentrate that you can mix with water to taste, but 1:1 is a good starting point. You can add more hemp oil per serving of coffee if you want.

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