Why You Should Switch to Plant Based Skincare for Radiant, Glowing Skin

by V Capaldi, the PaleoBOSS Lady – As someone whose entire brand is about consciousness, you have no idea how hard it is for me to admit that I once took a round of the most harmful drug for acne on the market.

Of course, I did this before I woke up . Back then, my wellness care was ruled by conventional practices.

This medication is so strong, you have to sign your life away to even take it. It has been known to cause harm to unborn fetuses, and many teenagers have committed suicide while taking this drug.

Guessed it yet?

I took this drug to treat a skin condition caused by high-dose steroids, which were used to address the exacerbations of my Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I literally had boils on my face that oozed constantly; they erupted after I received two rounds of IV steroids in a short period of time. All of this was a direct side effect of the MS treatments I was receiving at the time.

Not going to lie: I filled my prescription, took the meds, and my face cleared up almost instantly. Please know, this did not come without a price.

Over 20 years later, I am still paying the price of the medication’s effects on my body. Every day, I deal with permanent side-effects like:

  • Sensitivity to food and beverage temperatures. I can only tolerate room-temperature food and drink; even my beloved coffee and soups must be warm—never hot.
  • Dry lips and mouth. This side-effect began and peaked while I was taking the drug. Since going off the medication, it has improved slightly. But no matter what I do, my lips never feel moist. If I visit a dry climate, they crack and bleed.
  • Divots in my skin. Once I stopped the medicine, I developed a row of “divots” along my chin. They looked like clogged pores, but they were much larger and unpleasant because they trapped dirt in them.

I have been off this drug since 1997, yet I am still dealing with most of the above issues. To realize this substance was so powerful and harmful to my entire body is sometimes overwhelming.

Organic Vegan Skincare Rocked My World

Around the holidays last year, I was gifted the Sativa Line of hemp seed oil-based, organic vegan skincare by Elixinol. I was excited to try this vegan line of plant based skincare.

I especially love how Sativa products include hemp seed oil and aloe vera, combined with nutrient-packed botanicals to offer your skin a powerhouse of goodness.

At the end of 2018, I began using the Sativa line on my skin exclusively. Each day in the shower, I use the Hemp Cleanser, Hemp Hand and Body Wash, and Hemp Conditioner.

I love the scent of the products, and how clean my hair and skin feel—no residue left behind like traditional brands.

For facial care, the Hemp Serum followed by Hemp Moisturizer is a game-changer, with moisture that lasts all day long.

Friends and Family Are Raving About My Vegan Skincare Results

I just returned from PaleoFX, which is my yearly face-to-face catch-up with my Paleo family. I heard from almost everyone about how amazing my skin looks, how I am reverse aging, and how great I smell. I couldn’t agree more.

(Traveling with Sativa products is so easy. You no longer have to use the supplied hotel products that are filled with scary ingredients that are often neurotoxic. The entire Sativa line fits easily into my toiletry bag, too, which is a huge plus! I also enjoyed keeping these in the BAM Van at all times until I ended my tour.)

The most amazing outcome I have had since switching to Sativa involves the damage the acne drug did to my body. I no longer have divots around my chin area. At the writing of this blog, I have one remaining and it is getting smaller by the minute.

Remember those dry, chapped lips I told you about? They are healing as well, thanks to the Hemp Lip Balm. I tested this theory in the desert just to be sure—and no cracked lips for me.

I simply cannot believe how, once again, hemp is influencing my body at the cellular level. The Sativa Skincare line is not only cleaning and moisturizing; it is supporting my healthiest skin yet.

Hemp Health for the WIN!

Once again, the Elixinol family of products has presented my body with tools for cellular-level wellness. Not only has hemp helped me address serious health issues , it is now supporting my skin as it heals from the damages done by strong medications.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think hemp could have such a profound effect on my body, especially when many doctors told me the opposite was true.

Continuing with Elixinol’s high standard, the Sativa line is not tested on animals, is vegan (except the lip balm), carbon neutral, certified organic, hypoallergenic, and made with recycled packaging. Each product is free of aluminum, sulfates and parabens, and is sustainably sourced, supporting the highest level of transparency and consciousness.

Being an ambassador for Elixinol continues to be the #1 BAM in the work that I do. I continue to be amazed at the power of hemp to change the narrative around health and wellness, and I am humbled every single day to be aligned with the leader in the world hemp market.

Thank you, Elixinol, for once again producing products that heal my body from the inside out and create cellular-level BAM. I am forever grateful.

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