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New CBD companies are coming out practically every day.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll likely say it again…in order to make it in the ever-expanding CBD market new companies have got to (strongly) stand out from the competition.

One thing we’re passionate about at CBD School is introducing some of these new companies to CBD consumers like yourself. We regularly review various companies and pass on what we find so you can make the best decision possible when it comes to purchasing CBD.

Here we’ll take a look at Savage CBD , a company based out of Orange County, California with one primary goal: To help every single person they can.

We’ve experienced some truly remarkable results using CBD in our own lives and talked to countless individuals who’ve experienced the same. One of our goals is to help you choose a product that will offer the same.

Is Savage CBD for you?

Let’s take a look.

Savage CBD: A Full Review

The word savage has a few meanings.

One of them is: “(of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.”

Savage CBD was created as Savage Enterprises, focusing on the Vape/eJuice market. As their business  grew they realized the benefits CBD can provide consumers.

From there, Savage CBD was born. As for the name, the CEO Chris Wheeler said, “Everyone asks me, ‘How did you come up with the name Savage?’ Well, in truth, there was an argument about our name early on, the two names on the table were between HardXcore Vapors or Savage. Savage is my gamertag on online gaming. So, you can probably assume who won that argument.”

>> Wanna learn even more about the origins of Savage? Listen to our exclusive podcast interview with the CEO Chris Wheeler<<

Savage CBD is a company based on the premise of helping others with a “deep belief in helping people obtain freedom and happiness in their lives.”

Understanding that life sometimes “throws us curveballs,” Savage has made it their mission to offer products that help restore balance and improve people’s’ quality of life.

Savage CBD is run by a team of a dozen individuals that are featured on their website (pictures included) . We truly feel being able to see who’s behind the company gives a personal touch that you don’t always come by (trust us, we’re in contact with a lot of CBD companies).

Does this make their product any better? Not exactly – though it probably means they have solid quality control (which matters!). But it does offer a sense of personal connection, which we totally support.

Savage CBD Products


To start, Savage CBD has one of the most extensive lines of CBD products we’ve seen.

They’ve pretty much got something for everyone, including your pets.

While we didn’t try them all, we did sample our fair share of what Savage CBD has to offer.

What follows is our honest opinion of what we tried.

Savage CBD Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


Carrying a CBD tincture is standard in the CBD industry.

Savage CBD keeps things simple by offering two full spectrum tinctures in two different flavors (lemon lime and pink grapefruit), both of which are available in three different sizes: (1000mg/$99.99, 1500mg/$119.99, 2000mg/$149.99).

Definitely not a bad price point for any of the milligram sizes they offer…right on par with other companies, if not a bit less expensive.

We tried both flavors in the 1500mg option.


Lemon Lime tasted exactly of its name. A refreshing citrus flavor that was subtle rather than overbearing.

Taking it sublingually, the flavor reminded us almost of a lemon cookie or lemon bar (mmmm…) but wasn’t too sweet in the slightest.

Pink Grapefruit was decidedly less sweet than the Lemon Lime flavor (and didn’t taste like cookies at all).

How exactly did Savage CBD Full Spectrum tincture make us feel?

Focused. Undeniably. We took it while writing this review after taking a ten-day vacation. First day back on the job and we found that our focus was on point after taking a 30mg serving of the Lemon Lime tincture.

Savage CBD Vape Products


Looking for the fastest method of delivery? Vaping is it.

It’s also one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis products in general. This is something Savage CBD understands from their beginnings in the vape industry, which is why they carry a rather extensive line of CBD vape products.

Here are the Savage CBD vape options:

Disposable CBD Pens  

Savage CBD offers disposable vape pens designed for one-time use in three different flavors (mango citrus, berry mint, and strawberry melon). At the time of our review they were on sale for $32.

What exactly did we think? As far as disposable CBD pen options, they weren’t bad.

We tried the Strawberry Melon flavor, which tasted mildly like Jolly Rancher candy. The draw was good, and we felt that effects were felt almost immediately. Sort of like a smooth wave of relaxation that washed gently over our body and mind.


Vape Juice

If you vape on the reg, Savage CBD has you covered with a selection of six different options of vape juice you can refill your own cartridges with.

These include: Hustle (freshly-baked cookie with raspberries and frosting flavor), Passion (watermelon and pink candy sour flavor), Serene (green and red candied sour apple flavor), Driven (candied blueberry flavor), Tranquil (tropical mango, coconut, and blood orange flavor), and Vape Shot (natural hemp flavor).


Savage CBD also offers an option of CBD cartridges that are recommended for a “pen style battery that has airflow built in.”

There are two cartridge options. One contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD. The other contains 250mg of CBD isolate. Both are pineapple flavored and should fit into any standard sized vape pen.

Savage CBD Gummies (50mg CBD per Gummy!!)


We love CBD gummies. They’re our go-to when stuck in traffic or when we need a sweet treat to help mellow us out a bit.

We’ve tried numerous brands (most CBD companies have the option of a gummy), all with mixed results. Much like CBD, all CBD gummies are not created equal.

How did Savage CBD Gummies ($29.99/6 pieces) stack up to the competition?

We loved them. Hands down, one of the best we’ve sampled in our day.

They were in the shape of gummy worms (not bears), which doesn’t make that big of a difference, but we personally prefer worms over bears as far as gummies go ?

They also didn’t stick together, tasted great, and seemed to mellow us out due to the 50mg of CBD contained in each individual gummy.

50 mg is more milligrams than many other brands offer — in some cases double the dose available at other merchants. This is definitely a gummy we won’t forget!

Other Savage CBD Products


When we said earlier that Savage CBD has one of the most extensive lines of CBD products we’ve seen, we weren’t kidding. Aside from the products we tried, there are quite a few more.

Take Savage CBD Sunscreen , for example. Savage created a CBD sunscreen after they took a “hard look at the CBD industry and saw where a lot of companies were falling short.”

There aren’t many companies that offer a 30SPF full spectrum CBD sunscreen out there. Although we didn’t try it personally, we know that CBD can be excellent for your skin and that wearing sunscreen is super important. We think it’s a brilliant combination.

Savage even sells some neat CBD apparel!


Savage CBD also has a CBD Full Spectrum Lotion ($44.99) that is designed to be used for dry skin, aches, and pains.

They’ve also got your furry friends covered with a 500mg CBD Pet Spray ($44.99) that can either be added to your pet’s food or sprayed directly in their mouth.

For anyone who loves to get out in the sun (whether at the beach, pool, or your own backyard), Savage CBD also offers a CBD Full Spectrum Aloe ($44.99), for the “perfect after sun remedy.”

And finally, for those who prefer to take their CBD in the familiar form of a supplement, there is an option for CBD Softgels ($90.99). Each softgel contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD, offering an easy way to get a perfectly measured serving size each and every time.

Savage CBD: Total Transparency with Third Party Lab Results

One thing we loved about Savage CBD? Lab results were available right on the box of every product. We can’t tell you how many companies we’ve come across that either don’t offer third party test results or make it almost impossible to find them on their website.

Not the case with Savage CBD. Not only are lab results available on each box you can simply scan with your phone, but they are also available online under each product description.

Kudos to Savage CBD for being totally transparent.

Third party lab results are basically mandatory in today’s CBD market. Remember, all CBD is not created equal. Third party lab test results ensure you’re getting a product you can trust.

Final Thoughts on Savage CBD

Overall, we were extremely pleased with Savage CBD.

They offer a variety of products that come in a packaging design that’s obviously been well thought out by Savage CBD’s lead designer, Kathryn Montgomery.

The importance of packaging and something appealing to the eyes seems to be well-understood by the team at Savage CBD.

As far as price goes, they’ve nailed it with options that are comparable to other quality brands. They also offer a military discount and Free Shipping on all US orders!

The fruity, sweet (and sometimes sour) flavors are fun, especially for those who prefer their CBD a little on the sweeter side.

While products can’t be returned, they do let customers know to contact them directly if they feel a product needs to be returned.

According to their website, an order will typically ship in 24-48 hours after its been placed.

Savage CBD offers an extensive product line for a good price.

Are they a product we’ll return to again? Yes, definitely.

Would we recommend Savage CBD to others? Absolutely.

Have you tried Savage CBD? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


Use coupon code cbdschool to save 20%!!


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