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When it comes to a wide-range of CBD product options, CBDfx has you covered.

Seriously. Scroll over their “Shop CBD” tab on the homepage of their website and you’ll find that CBDfx carries just about every possible CBD product that exists.

According to CBDfx themselves, they are: “the nation’s premier online CBD retailer, offering over 50 high quality cannabidiol products.”

Does this mean that they’re simply a company out to profit on the ever-expanding CBD industry?

Or is it because they realize that in order to make it in this ever-expanding industry that you’ve got to stay a step (or two) ahead of your competition?

By offering pretty much every CBD product that exists, CBDfx has opened themselves to a wide demographic of individuals who use CBD.

How does CBDfx stand up, though?

Let’s take a deeper look.

Who is CBDfx?

CBDfx is a company based out of Southern California with a mission to “empower both new and experienced CBD users by providing access to products that are always organic, refreshingly innovative, and lovingly crafted.”

Organic and fresh CBD products made with love.

Sound great to us.

The vision of CBDfx is to become a “worldwide CBD marketplace where people from all walks of life can obtain the highest quality products…without sacrificing fun, experimentation, and variety.”

Each and every product they provide is sourced from organic hemp using a CO2 extraction method that results in a rich, high-quality, full spectrum oil.

What about CBDfx products themselves?

While we didn’t have a chance to review all 50 of the products they carry, we did test out quite a few.

Here’s our honest take on what we found.

CBDfx: Our Review


When we say CBDfx carries almost every CBD product that exists, me mean it.

Vape juice, gummies, tinctures, capsules, oils, drinks, terpenes, edibles, topicals, pet products, and more are all part of the online CBD marketplace vision CBDfx has created.

We kept things as simple as possible with our CBDfx review and tried the products we feel the average CBD consumer turns to the most.

Tincture, gummies, softgels, and topicals.

CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture

It’s safe to say that every CBD company that exists carries at least one CBD oil tincture.

CBDfx has a couple options with the tinctures they carry:

  • Flavored CBD Tincture Oil (500mg/$74.99)
  • CBD Tincture Oil (500mg/$74.99, 1000mg/$124.99, 1500mg/$159.99)

We tried the CBD Oil Tincture in 1500mg .


This is the highest potency of CBD oil CBDfx offers, with 50mg CBD per dropper.

For an all-natural, full spectrum oil the taste was definitely “earthy” but not at all overpowering.

Taking a dropper full sublingually, we found it to be extremely easy to keep it under our tongue for 1-2 minutes. It swallowed smoothly and only left a lingering aftertaste for a minute or so.

CBDfx Tincture Oil isn’t flavored, meaning it’s best suited for those who prefer a more natural tasting oil.

If you prefer a flavored oil, we’d recommend trying any of the flavored CBD oils CBDfx offers. They are available in Blueberry, Lemon-Lime Mint, and Lychee Lemon Strawberry.

The only drawback with the flavored oils is that they’re only available in 500mg sizes. Anyone who desires a higher serving size would be better off with CBDfx’s unflavored 1000mg or 1500mg options.

What did we think?

We’ve tried A LOT of CBD oil in our day.

After trying CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture for a few days, we can honestly say they’re offering the high-quality product they say they are. Our typical CBD routine consists of 35-50mg CBD twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

That being said, we prefer high milligram options (such as the 1500mg CBD oil tincture we tried). We found that one dropper (50mg) helped us to feel a subtle shift in our energy and focus the first morning we took it. We also felt a deeper sense of calm envelop us after just one dropper.

We can confidently say with experience that CBDfx isn’t selling snake oil.

CBDfx Hemp Gummy Bears


Practically everyone loves gummy bears, CBD or no CBD.

While CBDfx has a decent selection of edibles, it was their gummy bears we tried. CBDfx Gummy Bears (300mg/$59.99) come in a bottle of 60ct.

There are over 400 reviews of this product on the CBDfx website, 5-stars across the board. Each vegan (yes, vegan) gummy bear contains 5mg CBD and is produced without artificial colors or flavors.

This is something we truly appreciate, as while we know that gummies aren’t anywhere close to healthy, we prefer our sweet treats to be as natural as possible.

How did they taste?

Delish. Perhaps there was a slight “medicinal” aftertaste, but overall they were sweet and tasted just like you’d expect a juicy red gummy bear would taste.

Honestly, we loved them.

Other edible options CBDfx offers include CBD Gummies with added Turmeric & Spirulina and CBD Sublingual Strips.

CBDfx CBD Capsules


CBD softgels aren’t our favorite method of consumption, but then again, everyone is different when it comes to CBD.

Just because softgels aren’t our thing, we appreciate the convenience (and precisely measured dose) they offer. Taking CBD softgels is just like taking a regular supplement, something countless people are already familiar with.

We tried the CBDfx CBD Capsules (750mg/$59.99).

Each softgel contains 25mg CBD, which is clearly stated right on the label. We love that CBDfx has chosen to include this on their packaging, as not every company does.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve come across a product where total milligram content is revealed but not the individual serving size amount. With CBDfx softgels, you know exactly how much CBD you’re getting each and every time.

We appreciated the size these softgels come in. Anyone who has trouble swallowing large supplements will welcome the small-sized capsules full of 25mg of CBD.

CBDfx CBD Cream

CBD topicals are one of the best delivery options for localized relief. Sore muscles or an aching back?

Simply apply a CBD topical and you’ll typically feel relief almost instantaneously.

CBDfx has kept things simple with their line of CBD topicals. They carry a CBD Cream (150mg/$39.99 and 100mg/$29.99) and a CBD Balm (150mg/$39.99).


We tried the CBDfx Cream 150mg . It’s made with menthol, which gives it an almost immediate cooling sensation when it’s applied. Application itself is a breeze. The cream is the perfect consistency…not too thick, but not too watery.

How did CBDfx Cream work for us?

We’d definitely use it again.

We tend to carry a lot of tension in our neck, which is exactly where we applied CBDfx Cream. We felt almost immediate relief upon application and within a few minutes the tension seemed to melt down the back our neck and simply disappear.

We can’t wait to try it for post-workout recovery. We think it will be fabulous after our morning beach run, an especially intense yoga practice, or a long distance bike ride.

While we’re not extreme athletes by any means, we do regularly get our fitness on and always have a bottle of some type of CBD topical on hand.

CBDfx Cream is one we think we’ll keep around.

CBDfx Pet CBD Oil

If you’ve ever read any of our other reviews , you know that we’ve got two dogs that are a huge part of our family. And as you might expect, they’re big fans of CBD.

That being said, we couldn’t wait to try CBDfx Pet CBD Oil .

One of the best things about CBDfx Pet Oil is that you’ve got options. Three to be exact. Pet CBD Oil 150mg (Small Breed)/$39.99, Pet CBD Oil 300mg (Medium Breed)/$59.99, and Pet CBD Oil 600mg (large Breed)/$89.99.


Our dogs are definitely of the “large breed” variety and finding a CBD supplement that contains 10mg CBD in half a dropper is perfect for our pack.

While we do give the dogs CBD directly in their mouth (they think it’s a treat LOL), it’s sometimes easier to just add it to their food. Either way works, which is great because we know from experience that CBD works for them.

Our girl dog recently had knee surgery, and we give her CBD to help with any lingering pain she feels after our morning run. Our boy dog is simply high strung and has severe separation anxiety. We find that giving him CBD on the daily keeps his anxiety levels down.

When we know we’ll be out of the house for a few hours, we give them both a dropper full to help keep them calm while we’re away.

How did CBDfx Pet Oil work compared to others that we tried?

While the dogs can’t exactly tell us their experience, we know they liked the taste (that much we could tell). We’ll definitely continue to use CBDfx Pet Oil for them. For those with large breed dogs, having the higher milligram option is huge.

Final Thoughts on CBDfx

We feel that CBDfx is living up to their mission of empowering new and experienced CBD users is something they’ve definitely got a grip on. Being in the category of “experienced CBD users,” we’ve seen A LOT of CBD companies over the years.

CBDfx is one of the best we’ve found.


For one, products are made with organic hemp extracted with CO2, offering a full spectrum oil that offers all the benefits of the entourage effect .

For another, third party lab test results are easily accessible right on their website. No need to guess if the product you’re buying is quality. It’s all right there. Click here to see the extensive list of lab reports CBDfx offers.

CBDfx also carries over 50 products. And while that might make it seem that quality could be compromised, instead we experienced exactly the opposite.

While we didn’t try everything, what we did try was high-quality CBD. And we can’t wait to get our hands on some of their CBD Vape Pens .

Price point is also on par with other companies.

Will we use CBDfx again?


Not only are their products the high-quality we’ve come to expect from the industry, but they ship free anywhere in the US, are adamant about providing excellent customer service, and have military + first responder discounts. Check out the CBDfx website to learn more.

Whether you’re new to CBD or have been using it for years, CBDfx is undoubtedly a brand to consider for your CBD purchases.

Have you used CBDfx products? Chime in what you think of them in the comments below!

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