Elixinol Secures CBD Partnerships in New York, United Kingdom

This has been an exciting week for hemp and Elixinol. We’re thrilled to announce two brand new partnerships that will help us get our high-quality hemp CBD extracts into the hands of more people in the U.S. and UK.

Let’s dive into the details about these partnerships with New York State and the UK’s Cambrian Alliance. 

Elixinol is now an authorized CBD Processor Research Partner in New York State

First, we’ve officially been granted a CBD Processor Research Partner Authorization by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets . The Department advocates for agriculture in the state of New York, promoting the high-quality, diverse agricultural products grown in New York.

New York has consistently shown an interest in supporting the growing industrial hemp market. They support one of the heartiest agricultural hemp pilot programs in the nation, and have stringent requirements to ensure product quality. The Department ensures hemp and hemp-derived products meet the strict manufacturing, testing, and labeling requirements for FDA dietary supplements.

In December 2018, the department briefly opened its application process to be part of the CBD Processor Research Partners. We applied and were accepted, and we’re excited to partner with New York. Being able to support the state’s economy while scaling our own production and distribution is a fantastic win-win.

Elixinol is now partnered with the Cambrian Alliance in the UK

Second, we now have a partnership with the UK’s Cambrian Alliance . The Cambrian Alliance is one of the largest buying groups for independent pharmacies in the UK. This partnership allows us to offer the 1,200 pharmacies connected to the Cambrian Alliance access to our Elixinol brand products.

We’ll also be offering them an exclusive launch offer package, point of sale materials, and staff training to support Elixinol products. We’re in the process of developing an interactive training program to support our CA products in this partnership.

The aim of this program is to help CA members to explain the advantages of Elixinol products to their customers and to help members maximize their CBD revenue opportunities.

One of our new partners, James Thorne at Gravells Pharmacy in South Wales, said, “I’ve tried around ten different CBD brands with my customers and nothing I’ve found in the marketplace can touch Elixinol for quality and effectiveness. Our sales are growing fast.”

Elixinol featured in Inc. Magazine

Elixinol is making the news across the globe, including a feature in Inc. this month .

The Inc. story pointed out that, while CBD is still a little misunderstood in the mainstream, it is still enjoying a tremendous boom. However, CBD research is evolving; this is evidenced by the FDA’s recent approval of limited CBD-based treatments.

The feature went on to point out that one of the greatest strengths of CBD is its versatility–a fact we at Elixinol have known for some time, and are always excited to share with our customers and partners. Oils, tinctures, powders, and capsules are all great ways to consume CBD, meaning that there’s a CBD delivery method for every lifestyle .

With major pharmacy chains recently announcing their intent to begin stocking CBD products, Inc. is right to say that the market for CBD is nearly endless.

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