CBD Oil for Seniors: Wellness Support for the Golden Years

Looking for a little extra wellness support as you near and enter into retirement?

People of all ages are turning to non-psychoactive CBD oil to support their overall wellness… including seniors.

CBD can be used as a dietary supplement that can support the ECS, which is the body’s “master regulator” and allowing you to better maintain a state of homeostasis (or stability) within the body. This can keep you healthy and feeling great, so it’s important for people of all ages.

Remedy Review recently conducted a study of 1,047 senior adults who took CBD to see exactly how and why they were using it to support their lifestyle and it offered insight into how seniors can use this supplement to improve their quality of life.

CBD Benefits for Seniors

In Remedy Review’s recent study of more than 1,000 seniors (which included those aged 54 and older), they discovered that a significant number of seniors reported a positive impact from the CBD they were taking.

This is easy to see in the data, including:

  • 89% of the study’s participants said they would recommend CBD
  • 51% reported a better quality of life after taking CBD
  • Most appear to have used CBD to aid in relaxation and support physical comfort
  • 75% report experiencing no side effects; the 25% who did reported side effects like fatigue, appetite changes, and dry mouth.

The fact that more than half of the study’s participants experienced a quality of life boost and only one out of four participants experienced any side effects makes it easy to identify why 89% of the participants said they’d recommend CBD for seniors.

The Best Ways for Seniors to Use CBD

In addition to researching what benefits seniors received from CBD oil, the study also dove deep into how exactly seniors were using it. They looked at the usage of drops (placed directly in the mouth or in beverages) and capsules as potential methods of consuming CBD.

Of the methods researched in the survey, 54.4% reported using tinctures (drops taken sublingually), while 21.1% mixed tinctures into their drinks and 15.6% of seniors opted for CBD capsules. 78% were happy with the outcomes after using CBD.

While sublingual or oral consumption was the most popular method of CBD usage, seniors may also find that topical CBD could increase comfort and provide a soothing outcome. Topical application can include CBD creams, balms, roll-ons, and even tinctures that can be applied to the skin. Liposomal CBD can affect your whole body, while topical solutions may be best if you want to work on a few specific areas that could use some extra comfort.

How CBD Integrates Into a Healthy Lifestyle

CBD can have positive benefits on its own, but it’s going to work best alongside other healthy lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellness.

Combining CBD with healthy movement that feels good to you, a well-balanced diet that contains lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables, and consistent, stable sleep routines will make all the difference. Fortunately, CBD can be integrated into any lifestyle and routine as you see fit.

If you are experiencing ongoing physical discomfort, however, it’s important to talk to your doctor. They can help you seek out healing modalities that will help you feel more like yourself again.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Seniors?

If you’re worried about whether CBD oil is safe for seniors, the general answer is yes; it’s found to be safe for the majority of the adult general public to use as a dietary supplement. Plenty of seniors are taking advantage of the benefits of CBD oil to improve their quality of life, making it a little easier to make the most out of their golden years.

It’s always important to talk to your doctor if you think CBD is right for you. They can advise you on dosage, recommended methods for usage, and how it may affect existing health conditions or interact with any treatments you’re already taking. You should never combine CBD oil–or any other remedies–with other medications until after consulting a licensed health professional.

If your doctor is on board, the benefits of CBD for seniors are easy to see, so make an appointment to ask them about it today.

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