Delivery Coordinator, Orlando

Delivery Coordinator Responsibilities

Administrative Procedures:

Please review and enforce all Trulieve policies and standard operating procedures. Please see SOP binder for reference.

Help coordinate breaks for the Online Support Team. Ideally breaks should be taken between 12 pm – 4pm.  The Delivery Coordinator will help process orders during breaktimes to ensure online orders continue to be processed during these times.

Ensure that no one is overstating our return policy and encouraging returns.  Do not state to a patient that if they don’t like it, they can bring it back and swap it out.  Although, if a patient does bring it back because they do not like it we WILL accept the return. If a patient returns a product that is clearly taking advantage of the return policy let the patient know “we can return the product this time, but in the future, please bring the untampered product back immediately. If a patient continues to take advantage of our policy send an email to your Area Coordinator with patient information, number of returns compared to the number of sales and reasons for returns to request the patient be removed from doing returns unless if is a known defect on our end.

Opening Procedures:

Check email for any order communications or issues submitted by the Call Center.

Assess and start processing online pickups that were placed the day/night before, so they are ready for the patients by 10 am. Once completed process remaining Online Delivery Orders and Online pickups.

Ensure delivery drivers arrive on time and are on the road by 8:30 am at the latest.

Work with delivery drivers on any order issues they find during morning check.

Daily procedures:

Answer all calls that come through the BAT phone throughout the day. Address any patient issues, needs or concerns immediately. Coordinate with Inventory Coordinator if any product shifting is required for a patient.

Communicate with delivery teams throughout the day when needed (rescheduling patients, canceling delivery orders, etc).

Update Product Availability 10 minutes prior to the required update times of 10 am, 2 pm and close Monday-Friday, open & close Saturday & Sunday when Inventory Coordinator is not scheduled.

Submit inventory needs to the Logistics team by 12:30 pm Monday – Friday when Inventory Coordinator is not available to do so. Once the Shifting Accountability form is updated, coordinate with the location you are shifting to/from to schedule.

Ensure all online orders are processed in a timely manner.

Process next day delivery orders. Once all orders are processed, double check the orders to confirm the orders and patient information matches the information on the delivery schedule. Place orders and patient folders in the delivery bin and lock the bin.

Update Vehicle Odometer Verification form every Sunday.

Check delivery cars to make sure they are cleaned daily by the delivery drivers once they come back from their shift.

Maintain car maintenance log to ensure maintenance is scheduled when needed.

Ensure employees have completed their daily cleaning task before they leave.

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age and have a current, valid State of Florida driver license. Must be and remain compliant with local, state, and federal laws, statutes, and regulations; particularly those related to working in the cannabis industry. Must be able to successfully pass a comprehensive drug screen and level 2 background check. 

Must be able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 25 pounds to a minimum height of 5 feet and be able to push, pull, move, and/or carry such weight a minimum distance of 50 feet, with or without mechanical assistance.

Additional Minimum Qualifications: Must be able to move intermittently throughout the workday. Must be able to see and hear or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately to ensure requirements of this position can be fully met. Must function independently, and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with residents, personnel, and support agencies. Must be able to relate to and work with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and at times hostile people in the facility. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

Previous experience working in retail and customer service environment, accurate use of computer-based point of sale software systems. 

Able to understand and follow written/oral instructions.

Able to communicate in conversational English in order to work effectively with customers and team members, operate electronic equipment (computer, laptop), comprehend safety procedures, and utilize telecommunication devices.

Proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

Proven ability to analyze data and draw appropriate conclusions to inform policies and procedures.

Excellent communication, customer service, and organizational skills.

Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.

Ability to respectfully and politely interact with customers and team members. 

Bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Supervisor: Dispensary Manager

Special Instructions to Applicants: The schedule for this position is subject to change with notice. This position is subject to after-hours and/or weekend shifts based on seasonal demands. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement: As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, Trulieve encourages all qualified applicants to apply, including women, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and members of traditionally underrepresented populations.

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