Elixinol Leads the Pack with Energy Efficient Farming at 70 Ranch

Hemp is once again gaining in popularity across the U.S. as the answer to a wide variety of wellness issues. But as it turns out, hemp offers a potential solution for many of the problems that society faces–especially when it comes to sustainability.

70 Ranch hemp farm

Hemp provides us with cannabidiol (CBD), which supports the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and carries a number of potential positive health outcomes. Beyond this, hemp can be used for paper, textiles, and biodegradable plastics, among other environmentally friendly uses.

Ultimately, this means that we can expect the demand for hemp to continue increasing steadily. Today, more than ever, it’s important to find ways to grow and cultivate hemp sustainably.

A key component of sustainable hemp is energy efficient growth that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. As one of the world’s leading CBD suppliers, Elixinol is leading the charge in energy efficient hemp farming.

Why Grow Hemp Outdoors?

There’s naturally some curiosity about growing hemp outdoors versus indoors. It might seem to make sense that growing hemp primarily in a greenhouse would allow more control and optimization of growing conditions, but growing hemp outdoors actually offers several benefits that indoor growth struggles to match, such as hemp’s ability to clean toxic chemicals out of the soil that it’s grown in .

Additionally, the lighting required to sustain growth for hemp grown indoors can never be as energy efficient as the natural solar energy that outdoor plants benefit from. It’s not just generating the energy to power the lights, but also the manufacturing process that creates the fixtures and bulbs; all of this requires energy and creates pollution that isn’t generated by outdoor hemp.

Modern advances in farming technology help us to efficiently grow and care for hemp grown outdoors. 70 Ranch’s watering system is a GPS controlled drip system–the system is on a motorized track controlled by GPS that tells the system when and where to water, virtually eliminating water waste.

Energy Efficient Hemp Farming

Elixinol’s partnership with the historic 70 Ranch yields hemp that has been grown in an energy efficient environment. 70 Ranch’s Jason VonLembke emphasized that the ranch’s strategy isn’t only about being energy efficient, but about being efficient in every way. Being efficient overall naturally leads to more energy efficient, and therefore more sustainable, hemp.

According to Jason, some of the ways that 70 Ranch strives to be efficient include their “pivots outfitted with a form of Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation for efficient irrigation. The Drying Houses are all LED. We use variable frequency drives on our well houses for efficient pumping.”

This emphasis on sustainability is directly in line with Elixinol’s attitudes. We strive to be sustainable; even our packaging is biodegradable. We care, and our industry partners care, too.

About 70 Ranch

Historical 70 Ranch is currently comprised of 31,360 acres in Weld County, CO. 70 Ranch has a farming history dating back to the mid-19th century and got its name for being 70 miles from Denver, Cheyenne, and Sterling–the major cattle shipping hubs in 19th-Century Northern Colorado. Learn more here .

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