Can You Travel With CBD Oil? Road Warriors and Jet Setters Weigh In

Travel is stressful. Whether you’re going by plane, train, boat, or even car, it’s not hard to dread moving between point A and point B and the journey it takes to get there. Everything from delays to turbulence to traffic jams and long TSA lines can get nervousness and frustration climbing in no time.

With all the frustration bubbling up, it can help to have something to put you at ease. Many resort to CBD, but that brings up an important question– can you travel with CBD oil?

Remedy Review wanted to know the answer, so they recently surveyed 500 travelers who took CBD on the road (or in the air, or on the water) with them to find out.

Flying with CBD

Many people strongly dislike flying. The long TSA lines, the high-stakes activity of packing, and the chaos of the airport are exhausting enough, and then they have to get on a cramped plane that may be delayed, experience turbulent, or even get canceled altogether.

In prior surveys, 1 in 3 travelers said nervousness about travel forced them to cancel their plans, indicating that pre-flight nervousness is an enormous concern for some people.

Remedy Review asked survey respondents about whether or not the flying experienced was improved by using CBD products. Here’s what users had to say:

  • 33% reported flying was moderately better after using CBD
  • 25% said air travel was much better after CBD
  • 93% said they would recommend CBD to other air travelers

Remedy Review found that 84% of travelers indicated that they ingested CBD products while at the airport, and 65% said they did so in-flight.

The good news here is that 97% of survey participants claimed that CBD improved their travel experience. 58% even went so far as to say that it was “much better” or “moderately better.” Only 3% said that CBD didn’t improve their experience at all.

Top Travel Symptoms Reported by Survey Respondents

For people who dislike traveling, it can leave them with a list of unpleasant symptoms that makes the experience even more unpleasant.

As a part of their study, Remedy Review asked participants what sensations they typically experienced while traveling. Here’s what they found:

  • 79% of participants experienced increased nervousness
  • 67% of participants experienced feeling more uptight and irritable
  • 47% felt more restless
  • 38% experienced feelings of fear
  • 35% experienced nausea

These symptoms are significant and can even prevent some travelers from getting on a plane in the first place. The National Institute of Mental Health even found that 6% of Americans have a phobia that keeps them from flying, and that their estimate of common flight nervousness is “much higher.”

Fortunately, we know those survey respondents reported that CBD was able to ease discomfort and other frustrating symptoms, improving their traveling experience.

Is It Legal to Fly with CBD?

This is a simple question but it doesn’t really have an easy answer. CBD, after all, is still not considered to be legal in some states, despite federal legalization via the 2018 Farm Bill. Even so, many people do take CBD on their domestic flights within the United States.

Remedy Review asked respondents if they thought that flying with CBD was legal. 42% weren’t sure if it was legal under federal law. 32% said “yes, sometimes,” and they were correct.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to learn the individual laws of the states you’re traveling from, through, and to. Don’t forget to keep layovers for connecting flights in mind, too. You can always call the airport in question and ask about their regulations if you’re unsure, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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