Celebrate July 4th with CBD Powder Recipes + 10% Off

July 4th comes around at summer’s peak. Families and friends nationwide gather for a long day of outdoor activities, water sports, barbeque, and fireworks shows. This year, celebrate the 4th of July with CBD powder recipes, plus 10% off your order of full-spectrum CBD products from Elixinol, including CBD powder, now through July 6. Just use the coupon code JULY4TH at checkout.

Create | Build | Dream CBD Powder Blends are an easy way to work CBD into your busy daily routine. Each flavor is formulated to help support your ideal energy levels throughout the day–morning, afternoon, and night. The single-serve sachets are especially easy to slip into your pocket or overnight bag before you head to your July 4th gathering.

Here are 3 of our team’s favorite ways to use our quick-dissolving, water-soluble CBD powder (plus bonus tips at the end!). Give them a try, then like or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know what you think!

Morning: Make a CBD-Infused Breakfast with Create CBD Powder

Start your holiday off on the right foot with a delicious CBD-infused breakfast parfait! Layer it like a trifle and garnish with your favorite fruit and granola. To add a little patriotic flair, follow the recipe below for a red, white, and blue twist on this early-morning favorite.

Vegan Red, White, and Blue CBD Yogurt Parfait

½ cup plain dairy-free yogurt of choice (coconut, almond, or soy)
1 sachet berry-flavored Create CBD Powder
1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
1-2 Tbsp granola of choice
Fresh, organic berries to garnish


1. Separate the yogurt and set aside ¼ cup.
2. Mix berry-flavored Create CBD powder into ¼ cup of yogurt.
3. Mix chia seeds into berry yogurt.
4. Layer CBD yogurt and plain yogurt in your serving dish of choice for a “stripes” pattern, or swirl with a butter knife or spoon.
5. Top with granola and berries as desired.
6. Enjoy!

Afternoon: Cool Off and Recharge with Build CBD Powder

Water sports and other outdoor activities are popular on the 4th of July. It’s important to take breaks throughout the hot afternoon to rehydrate, cool down, and recharge. Our citrus-flavored Build CBD powder can help you do that.

You can mix Build with filtered water, orange juice, lemonade, sparkling water, or coconut water (to replenish lost electrolytes). Just stir or shake, drink, and get back to business. (Hint: this is a great time to reapply your sunscreen before you head back to your activities.)

Evening: Relax and Enjoy the Fireworks with CBD-Infused Cocoa

After a long, fun, and exhausting day, it’s time to wind down and watch some fireworks. What better way to top off the day than with a chocolatey CBD treat?

Because of its rich, MCT-oil formulation, our Dream CBD Powder must be dissolved into hot water. But in the summer heat, it might not be ideal to drink something hot! Here’s a delicious alternative.

Vegan CBD-Infused Iced Cocoa

½ cup hot water
1 sachet Dream CBD Powder
Ice cubes
½ cup dairy-free milk


1. Heat water in a mug for 45-60 seconds.
2. Stir in CBD powder with a small whisk and let cool.
3. Fill glass with desired amount of ice cubes.
4. Pour milk over ice.
5. Add CBD cocoa to your glass and stir.
6. Add more ice cubes as needed.
7. Enjoy!

Bonus #1: Don’t Forget Your Hemp Balm!

Our topical Hemp Balm formulations, available in original and extra-strength , are specially made to soothe your body before and after physical activity. So if you’ve been skiing, playing volleyball, or tubing down the river on July 4th, work out the kinks at the end of the day with topical CBD.

Bonus #2: CBD Dog Treats for Fido’s Firework Woes

It’s very common for dogs to get spooked on holidays that involve copious amounts of fireworks, and July 4th is no exception. This year, your pup is in luck—Pet Releaf CBD Edibites (in crunchy and grain-free soft chew varieties for small to medium and large breeds) can help your dog chill out while you finish out your holiday.

How are you using CBD this holiday week? We want to hear from you! Come see us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know. (And don’t forget to claim your discount with coupon code JULY4TH at checkout through July 6.)

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