LMS and Training Adminstrator, Tempe



  • Become LMS SME to be able to troubleshoot issues, assist with assignment of courses, defining user roles and team assignments, and assist with reporting for executives and leadership.


  • Working with L&D team, create process and procedure for training requests, identification of learning objectives, expected outcomes, and assessments and assign/delegate the development and implementation to the correct Specialist.


  • Oversee those assignments (in bullet 2) to guarantee completion and implementation of project. Provide regular reports to L&D Manager of all project statuses.


  • Partner with managers across all lines of business to ensure 100% compliance for all new hire onboarding.


  • Pull reports for status to of completion and compliance across all lines of business


  • Provide regular status updates leading up to the due date of any and all trainings and then regular, on-going follow-up after until the employee reaches 100% compliance.


  • Troubleshoot access issues, course resets, and any other barriers causing an employee to not be 100% compliant.


  • Work closely with L&D and Training Managers to gather training needs from all executives and leaders and provide a clear outline of learning objectives, expected outcomes, and timeline to the training team for development and implementation.


  • Research, plan, and implement quarterly ‘gamification’ goals through the LMS for individual and/or team recognition.


  • Monitor all training assignments to guarantee correct targeting and be able to update/correct, as needed.


  • In conjunction with the entire L&D department, monitor all training for correct and current information, report anything that falls outside of the latest processes, procedures, and/or compliance and provide expected timeline for updating the training to ensure compliance.


  • Maintain, update, and manage all documentation stored in the LMS.


  • Be the main point of contact for all lines of business to provide updates to the documentation and ensure a timely upload to the LMS and reporting back to the document provider that it is now available.


  • Be the main point of contact for all SOP upload to the LMS and work with the specific line of business to understand which require training and the scope of that training.


  • Be the liaison for Marketing and Retail to have a clear understanding of up-coming promotions, special events, etc. and get a clear understanding/outline of how that information needs to flow through the LMS (including possible re-skin of LMS, if needed).


  • Develop, maintain, and update Harvest Training catalog.


  • Assist with performance review tracking, as needed.


  • Additional duties and projects as assigned by management.



  • 2+ years previous LMS administration experience (with Litmos preferred)


  • Excellent project management skills


  • Superior time management skills


  • High attention to detail


  • Advanced written and oral communication


  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment


  • Exemplary customer service skills and ability to work across all lines of business and employee level


  • College degree preferred, high school/GED required

Apply directly: https://www.harvestinc.com/careers/?gh_jid=4307145002

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