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CBD Oil: Is It Actually Legal?

CBD Oil has become a hot topic in Cannabis News over the past few years. It is sold in places such as CBD shops, vape shops, and through online sites and marketplaces. It is marketed to people with stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Some people buy it to help with insomnia. Others even purchase the oil to help calm their furry friends or to soothe children who suffer from epilepsy. The oil can be purchased on its own or mixed into things like lotions. It can also be put inside of pill capsules. CBD oil is versatile and seems to help a lot of people, but is it legal?

The legality of CBD oil can turn into a fairly complicated topic. In this article, we will look into every aspect that can come up with this difficult question is asked. We will look into if the product has any laws prohibiting its use or sale. We will look into its selling process specifications and we will discuss any precautions that should be taken with the use and sale of this product.

Is CBD Oil The Same As Marijuana?

Most people know that CBD oil and Marijuana are closely related, but the exact meaning of this fact is often confused. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves of the Marijuana plant. So technically yes, it does come from Marijuana.

However, CBD oil does not contain THC. THC is the chemical found in Marijuana plants that is responsible for making its users high. CBD oil needs to have less than .03 percent of THC in its make up, so the oil would never be able to make its user high.

Because CBD oil does not contain the necessary chemical to cause a high, its relation to Marijuana becomes less important. Marijuana is a hot topic and is illegal in many areas of the United States mainly because it is mind-altering. Since CBD oil has no way to cause a chemical change in the brain, it is regarded as a completely different product than Marijuana in almost all cases.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil does not cause the same mind-altering effects as Marijuana, so it is completely legal in every state at this time. The oil does, however, need to test as having less than .03 percent of THC in its makeup. If the oil ended up having an excess amount of THC, it would then be illegal as it would be considered a product under the same scope that Marijuana falls into.

CBD oil became legal in 2018 after the Farm Bill passed. The Farm Bill was a big deal in the Cannabis News area because it allowed for parts of the Marijuana plant that did not naturally have THC to be used in sold in the United States. The bill was passed by President Donald Trump to help farmers in our country. It was mainly an act to help the farming industry that had been slowly declining for several years, but it ended up opening a door in the Marijuana industry at the same time. The legality of hemp brought a significant amount of money into the United States agricultural community since the product no longer needed to be imported from China. The bill helped in many additional ways because it included CBD legality along with hemp. The farming of these two products became not only a new legal income source for farmers but a booming new product for consumers and Marijuana plant lovers as well.

Are There Any Restrictions on CBD Oil?

CBD oil is legal throughout every state in our country, but it does have a few specific limitations. The first of these limitations is that the oil needs to have less than .03 percent THC in its makeup, as we mentioned earlier. This allows for the state and federal government to ensure that selling products with the same effects of Marijuana is not legal in states that still have not yet legalized the entire Marijuana plant. .03 percent is a small number, but it is there to ensure that the legal oil will absolutely never have a mind-altering effect on any of its users.

CBD oil also cannot be sold as medical cures or treatments. It is said to help many issues in adults, children, and pets. Users have reported that CBD oil reduces pain, stress, anxiety, and even lessens symptoms of serious diseases like epilepsy and cancer treatment. However, none of these statements have been proven by the FDA. Because none of the treatments or cures are proven, the FDA does not want the oils being sold to serve this purpose. They need to do further testing to ensure that the claims are true and that the products are safe before the oil will be able to be sold for these purposes.

Luckily, it is easy to go online and read about all of the benefits that CBD oils are said to have. This helps those members of society that would like to try the products to help them with their ailments or pain. Even if CBD oil cannot be sold for these specific purposes, it can be researched on an individual level and purchased instead.

Can Legal Troubles Arise From Selling CBD Oil?

Even though CBD oil is completely legal as long as it has less than .03 percent THC and it is not being sold as a medical cure or treatment, sellers of the product have still occasionally found themselves in legal trouble because of their transactions.

A Store Owner in Nebraska found himself in legal trouble after selling CBD products in his stores. He was charged with “distributing a controlled substance” after a citizen of his town became suspicious and reported him to the police. Even though CBD oil is legal, this store owner was still arrested and had to have a lawyer represent him to prove that he was innocent.

The same thing happened to a woman on the day she opened a CBD shop. On opening day, the police showed up and arrested her with guns drawn. She was brought to jail, though her case was eventually dismissed since CBD oil is legal to sell, purchase, and possess.

Overall, we can see that CBD oil is a complicated topic within cannabis news. It is 100 percent legal throughout every state in our country, as long as it has less than .03 percent THC and is not being sold as a medical treatment or cure. However, it is still thought of as being a product of Marijuana in the minds of many residents and even police officers, so the sale and purchase of the product can sometimes get people into trouble.

If you are looking to buy or sell CBD oil, remember that you have every right to do so. It is not mind-altering since it has a minimal or non-existent amount of THC. It hasn’t yet been proven to be a useful medical tool, but the reviews of its users make its success seem likely. If you’re wanting to try CBD oil for any purpose in the United States, you have every right to do so. Even though it is a complicated topic, it is legal overall.

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