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Why Elixinol’s Commitment to Excellence Matters to You

At Elixinol, we want every customer to associate our name with quality. Everything that we put into, and on, our bodies should serve to make us healthier and to enrich our live. This commitment to excellence is apparent in the ingredients and formulation of our dietary supplements and topical products.

We want every Elixinol product to be a reliable, high-quality formula that helps our customers to live their best lives. We strive to ensure each product is manufactured under a rigid ethical code to guarantee excellence.

With over 30 years of cumulative experience in the hemp industry, Elixinol leads the way in vision, integrity, quality, and innovation.

All of our products are:

  • Made from organic hemp free of harmful chemical additives
  • Made from hemp grown sustainably, ethically, and responsibly
  • Made with full-spectrum CBD extracts that deliver all of hemp’s helpful cannabinoids, not just CBD
  • Made with clean. food-grade processes
  • Compliant with Global Manufacturing Processing standards for traceability and transparency–no hidden ingredients or mysteries
  • Carefully tested and certified to guarantee consistency and quality

Quality from Seed to Stem

Our dedication to deliver quality products that enrich our customers’ lives means that we carefully oversee every step of production. We adhere to a vision of organic, sustainable, and non-GMO production . From the moment our hemp seeds are planted in fertile Colorado soil, we strive to ensure that our hemp plants are grown in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The 70 Ranch, home to Elixinol’s specially-bred hemp plants naturally high in CBD, strives to be efficient in every way, guaranteeing environmental sustainability at every turn. Growing our hemp outdoors is our first step in guaranteeing environmentally friendly, high-quality CBD products.

By growing our plants outdoors, we take advantage of the most renewable, environmentally friendly source there is: the sun. We use a GPS controlled drip system to carefully, and precisely, water our plants, eliminating virtually all water waste.

How Our Plants Guarantee Consistency in Every Bottle

Our plants have been selectively bred to guarantee a higher concentration of all-natural, wellness-supporting, and non-addictive CBD. We avoid using GMO hemp plants  because of our belief in responsible and sustainable farming.

Many GMO plants are modified to be resistant to pesticide and herbicide use, which may do long-term damage to the environment. We only use organic, non-GMO plants in the production of all of our products, and we can guarantee quality because we control the entire process from seed to sale.

Full Spectrum, Full Power

We believe we can deliver excellence by keeping our hemp as naturally intact as possible . Unlike some companies that only utilize CBD isolate extracts, we believe we should be utilizing the full range of nutritive compounds found in hemp to fully capture CBD’s potential advantages.

This philosophy naturally leads us to produce full-spectrum CBD extracts. We use a food-grade, chemical-free, supercritical CO2 extraction process to distill the nutritive parts of the plants into a potent, full-spectrum extract.

These full spectrum extracts, unlike CBD isolates, contain all of the 100+ cannabinoids present in hemp, not just CBD. CBD may be the poster child for the hemp lifestyle, but the hemp plant is full of other cannabinoids that work together to unlock a wide variety of results.

Full-spectrum extracts also include the terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and antioxidants naturally present in hemp. All of these components work together to create something called the entourage effect, producing more potent outcomes than CBD isolate alone.

Guaranteeing Success Through Science

Since so many people are relying on hemp and CBD extracts to support their overall wellness, we believe that it is absolutely critical that our customers are able to rest easy knowing that all products with an Elixinol label are exactly what they claim to be.

Because we believe so strongly in guaranteeing the quality of our products, we test every batch to ensure that they meet our high expectations of quality and provide a certificate of analysis to prove that our products are exactly what they claim to be.

All of our products go through third-party testing from two separate, ISO-certified labs: Botanacor Services and ProVerde Labs . Botanacor analyzes our CBD extracts for cannabinoids, while ProVerde tests to ensure that the products are pure, free of heavy metals, and free of pesticides. The resulting Certificates of Analysis can help you be sure that the products you are buying are free of contaminants, such as mold and bacteria, and actually contain the amount of CBD that they claim to.

The Elixinol promise guarantees quality, environmentally friendly, wellness-supporting CBD products. We invite you to check out our full line of products to see how Elixinol fits into your lifestyle.

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