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10 most promising career opportunities in the marijuana industry

The marijuana industry is growing at breakneck speed. In 2018, the industry added about 64,000 jobs in the US, according to a cannabis news report published in Business Insider. And that excludes indirect jobs such as lawyers, media companies, accountants, marketing firms and security consultants. With these positions included, the industry created over 296,000 jobs.

So what is really fueling this growth?

Medical marijuana

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is one of the biggest contributors to its growth. This is further supported by the legalization of medical marijuana in other countries, like Canada, Greece, Netherlands, Germany and more. Locally, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states.

Cancer patients are the biggest beneficiaries. Drugs such as dronabinol help in managing vomiting, which is often experienced after chemotherapy. The drug can also aid in stimulating appetite in HIV/AIDS patients.

Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana has psychoactive properties. Therefore, it may be an alternative to alcohol and tobacco consumers. People use marijuana to reduce stress, anxiety and to relax.

Others mention that they use it to boost creativity and connect with others. Of course, there are those who use marijuana simply for fun with friends. These reasons will continue driving the marijuana industry for many years.

By 2020, the industry is projected to create over 250,000 new jobs, according to a report by New Frontier. So if you want to position yourself strategically and tap into this lucrative industry, here are eleven careers to consider.

Cultivation Master

Growing healthy and strong marijuana plants need art and science. It requires cultivation experts who understand how to oversee planting, pest control, cloning, watering, and feeding. The cultivation master will be in charge of managing a team of cultivators at larger operations.

For starters, having a background in horticulture or agriculture can be a huge benefit. Most firms know that few people are familiar with growing marijuana, so they would be happy to work with someone with experience in managing greenhouse operations.

Today, California has some of the best cultivators because they had more time to sharpen their skills and build solid reputations. But as more states continue legalizing marijuana, more growers will master the art of cultivation.

As the demand for marijuana products increases, the demand for cultivation masters will also rise. Most of them earn at least $100,000 per year and will probably take a percentage of the profits as well.


Once cultivation is taken care of, preparing for harvest becomes the next concern. That’s where trimmers come in handy. These are persons who remove buds from stems and trim the leaves during harvesting.

Although most indoor growers employ them throughout the year, most businesses prefer to have time on a part-time basis. But if you look keenly at this job, you’ll realize that it can easily be replaced by technology. So make hay while marijuana purists insist on hand-trimmed products.

Extraction Experts

Legal marijuana is sold in various forms, ranging from teas, gummies, perfumes, pills, candies, lotions, vaping oils and more. Extraction experts are responsible for managing the production of essential oils needed to make these products.

In most cases, extraction specialists will work in a laboratory with strict scientific processes. As such, the position requires some skills and tends to be well remunerated.


A “budtender” is the customer’s go-to resource. He/she will be responsible for answering questions from potential customers interested in marijuana products. As such, they must provide accurate information.

You can fit in this position if you have exceptional customer service skills and a high level of experience in customer relations and sales.

Edible Maker

As mentioned earlier, recreational marijuana comes in several forms, such as baked goods, tea, and candy. Who makes these products?

That’s where edible chefs come in. they’re responsible for creating recipes and producing new products. With the growing demand for new products, creative chefs who can develop new recipes will be a hot cake. In most cases, companies will prefer people with experience in food handling and production, a culinary degree can make you stand out.

There are several jobs that will also be created in the edible industry. For instance labeling and packaging.

Dispensary Manager

Managing a marijuana dispensary is extremely different from running ordinary retail stores. Well, it involves managing the staff, maintaining a professional atmosphere and tracking inventory. However, the highly regulated nature of marijuana products complicates the process.

As a dispensary manager, you will be responsible for ensuring all your employees are compliant with state laws, and that all your customers are above 21 or have the right medical credentials.

If you make a slight mistake, you could lose your license. So companies are more likely to hire people who have experience in managing high-end retail operations such as jewelry or an apparel shop.

Compliance Officers

The legal landscape varies significantly from one state to another. When you just read marijuana news, you appreciate this reality. As a result, it can be extremely easy for companies to make mistakes, especially if executives are not well conversant with various state laws.

Therefore, the demand for cannabis compliance experts is growing exponentially. These persons can work in-house or for a regulatory agency to make sure the entire process of producing marijuana to converting it into a final product complies with state laws.

To get hired as a compliance officer, previous experience in a legal or regulatory body can be an added advantage. You can also be a good fit if you study public policy, law or business management and you possess great data management, problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills.

Vaporizer Retailer

Currently, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are popular, and many businesses selling smokeless devices are popping up. The demand for smokeless marijuana will also increase, and you can be the next vaporizer retailer. To be a good fit, you be familiar with the industry and have excellent sales and customer relation skills.

Delivery Person

Most dispensaries now offer delivery services to some patients, particularly those who cannot get out of the house to go and buy them. Also, most companies hire truck drivers to deliver products to various outlets.

To be a good delivery person, you must have a valid driver’s license, no criminal and driving record. Some businesses will even expect you to have a GPS device and your own car. And in some states, you may be required to carry a doctor-authorized permit to work for the company

Security Guard

The marijuana industry will need high-level security in most departments, ranging from dispensaries, distribution and more. And since the products are sensitive, you may be required to be a certified guard who is licensed to carry a firearm.

Marijuana Tour Guide

With the growing popularity of marijuana products, most people will be interested to visit various places where the product grown, processed and sold. Most tourists will come from states that allow recreational use of marijuana.

Some companies have already emerged and are looking for tour guides to manage day trips, pot-themed excursions, and party buses. This can be perfect for you if you’re already established in the tourism industry. You just have to make a switch.

The marijuana industry will continue to grow. Big bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) are even advising for the drug to be reclassified due to its medicinal purposes. If you really want to be part of this developing venture, consider these careers and positions. Above all, have an open mind and remain updated with current marijuana news.




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