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Are pets the next big thing for the cannabis market?

It seems like every 4th of July there’s an onslaught of stories about fireworks and the stress that they cause many dogs and other pets. Rather than trying to work against the popularity of this type of celebration, pet owners are taking other measures to help keep their animals safe and calm. One such strategy is the use of non-intoxicating CBD products . This use is helping to spur the cannabis industry to record highs with no end in sight.

These canine cannabis users account for a growing percentage of the drug’s use, and pet owners continue to be drawn to products that contain CBD. Again, these products contain non-intoxicant cannabis ingredients. The pet products are geared mostly toward dogs and cats and they are used for ailments such as stress, anxiety, pain, and even seizures. The popularity of such products is snowballing, even in the absence of scientific data and drug trials. Both vets and pet parents don’t seem phased by this lack of data, as more and more owners are touting the positive results that these products provide to their furry friends.

Owners whose pets suffer from seizures, arthritis, joint issues, anxiety, and allergies are often disappointed by the results their pet has with more traditional products and medications. With the advent of CBD products for pet relief, they now have additional options for their beloved furry family members. Many pet medications cause a lot of unwanted side effects, a fact that is a major cause of the explosive growth in natural products for pets. By adding CBD to these products, owners hope they become more effective.

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