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Statistics reveal who tends to buy cannabis and how customers use it

You might be surprised to learn that cannabis customers come from just about every walk of life, and it’s becoming popular among adults of all ages. One of the most important bits of marijuana news is that weed isn’t just for stoners anymore, and many marijuana customers use it to treat medical conditions.

Many people use it to relieve insomnia

These customers are likely to choose strains with high levels of CBD, which has been shown to help promote a restful sleep. In fact, a study that recently made marijuana news found that a large portion of cannabis customers are using it as a sleep aid. Furthermore, cannabis does not carry the potentially serious side effects of many conventional medications that are used to treat insomnia.

It’s often used for pain relief

The pain-relieving properties of cannabis are powerful enough to allow some people to be able to stop taking prescription pain medications. Customers use cannabis for pain of all types, and this is a common reason for older customers to choose cannabis.

People use it for serious medical conditions

Cannabis is actually a lifesaving treatment for some patients, such as those who suffer from chronic seizures that aren’t treatable with other medications. In addition, marijuana can often further reduce the symptoms of serious illnesses in conjunction with conventional medications, such as individuals who seek out cannabis because of its potential anti-cancer properties.

It’s used to relieve the side effects of medications

It’s very common for people undergoing chemotherapy to develop severe nausea, and cannabis can be the best treatment to relieve this side effect in some cases. However, numerous other medications can cause side effects that can be reduced by marijuana.

It’s commonly used for anxiety and depression relief

Not only is cannabis effective for depression and anxiety, but it also does not have the serious side effects that are often associated with conventional medications for these conditions. Furthermore, many medications for anxiety and depression take a significant amount of time to begin working, but marijuana will be effective right away!

Some people use it for serious mental health problems

Not only can cannabis relieve anxiety and depression, but it can even improve the mental health of individuals who suffer from serious psychiatric problems in some cases. For instance, people who suffer from bipolar disorder often find that it helps to regulate their mood, and the CBD in cannabis is thought to have antipsychotic effects for some individuals.

Recreational users are not always who you might expect

While most people expect recreational users to be young people, a significant number of recreational users are 40 or older. However, a large portion of people who purchase cannabis are between 25 and 29, and this demographic accounts for 20.35% of all cannabis consumers. People in the under 25 age range make up 16.18% of all cannabis consumers.

The percentage of people who purchase cannabis gradually declines as age increases for older age brackets. For example, 15.29% of cannabis customers are between 30 and 34, and 4.25% of customers are between 65 and 69. However, less than 5% of cannabis customers are over the age of 65.

The majority of cannabis customers are male, and men account for 68.9% of all cannabis purchases. However, 31.1% of cannabis customers are women. While the average ages of male and female customers are similar, the average male customer is 37.4, and the average female customer is 38.2. Cannabis customers also tend to be more educated than the general population, and 51% of customers in California are college graduates. However, only 39% of the general population in the state is college-educated.

What types of cannabis do people buy?

The most popular form of cannabis appears to be cannabis flower, and this accounts for 49-81% of all marijuana transactions at dispensaries. However, edibles are also somewhat popular and account for 13% of marijuana-related purchases.

Vaping has also gained popularity in recent years. Not only are hash oil vape products selling well, but one-time use vape pens are quite widely used as well. Dab and shatter products are also quite popular. Women tend to have a stronger preference for pre-rolled products and edibles, and men tend to have a stronger preference for cannabis concentrates.

Also, certain strains of cannabis are more popular than others, but trends do change regularly. As you would expect, high-THC strains tend to be popular. However, it isn’t just the THC content that customers look at, and many customers are also drawn to strains that have high CBD content.

Furthermore, customers have become increasingly aware of the other compounds in cannabis, and this has led them to seek out strains with other characteristics, such as higher levels of THCV. Some customers have even begun to seek out marijuana with higher levels of certain terpenes, such as limonene. People who use cannabis for medical reasons often have specific strains that they seek out when they go to the dispensary, but people using it for recreational purposes may be more likely to try different varieties of marijuana.

How much do people spend at a dispensary?

Many people spend between 25 and 50 dollars during a typical visit to the dispensary. Around 34.7% spend less than 10 dollars per trip on average, and these customers will typically purchase a one-time use item, such as a pre-rolled half-gram joint or a cannabis-infused beverage. However, 8.7% of people will spend 100 dollars or more during a typical trip to the dispensary. It’s important to keep in mind that customers who spend larger amounts each time that they visit the dispensary are likely to come less frequently than those who make small, frequent purchases.

How often do cannabis consumers use cannabis?

Studies have found that 58% of customers use it every day. However, the other 42% of customers use it at varying levels of frequency, ranging from occasionally to several times a week. Studies have found that 69% of customers are using it for medical reasons, which contributes to the large number of customers who use marijuana every day.

Are there certain times when people are more likely to purchase it?

Cannabis purchases tend to rise around the holidays. In fact, legal cannabis purchases rose quite dramatically around July 4th of this year in US dispensaries, according to recent marijuana news. In fact, 400 million dollars of marijuana sales took place in n the week of the 4th throughout the country! The peak of the sales was on July 3rd, and this indicates that sales tend to be highest immediately before a holiday rather than on the holiday itself.

What can be expected in the future?

As time goes on, cannabis is likely to become even more socially accepted, and that’s probably going to lead to changes in the demographics of cannabis customers over time. It’s likely that more older people will become customers, and new types of cannabis products are likely to hit the market in the future. Due to the increased variety of cannabis products, improving social acceptance, marijuana news about the benefits of the plant, and increasing awareness of its medical uses, it’s likely that marijuana will be used by an even more wide-ranging group of people.



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