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Treat yourself: the impact of cannabis on the self-care industry

Self-care is one of those big social media buzzwords that have been around for the past few years, growing from niche influencer pages to a full-blown trend. Now a constant feature in brand communications related to wellness, and more specifically women’s health, as well as other similar trends, self-care is the 2019 equivalent of taking five minutes to yourself. Anything from applying a face mask to exercising, shopping to doing your nails is now touted as self-care. And for many individuals, these routines can make all the difference to their physical and mental wellbeing over time.

A topic closely linked to managing busy lifestyles – and sometimes claimed as a more wholesome cure for anything from OCD to anxiety – self-care is having a moment. And as more and more consumers get in on the concept, an increasing number of brands are cashing in on a different kind of wellness that goes beyond green smoothies and early-morning yoga. A less intensive, but still entirely instagrammable form of care that can be photographed for social media. Women’s health is no longer an elitist club – and wellness is far more attainable to anyone willing to access it.

For many, self-care can be a great thing. It’s a way to carve out a little time for yourself, do something you enjoy and reduce that guilt by fitting it all into a neat little box of things you have to do to stay healthy. Many mental health charities consider helping yourself to be a vital part of staying mentally well, a part of which is taking a little time for your own things, and enjoying the moment, as opposed to rushing onto the next item on the list.

So, where does cannabis fit into the idea of self-care? For businesses selling cannabis-infused products, it’s this integral connection between the products they are selling and the lifestyle they promise that draws in the right audience. In marijuana news, the volume of information about cannabis as self-care has exploded. This is especially true in the younger audience, where the legalization of weed has allowed the inclusion of cannabis into existing lifestyles easily. There’s no doubt that, when it comes to the world of wellness, marijuana is here to stay.

Many of the positive traits associated with marijuana lend themselves well to the idea of self-care. CBD, for example, reduces inflammation and in some research is suggested to reduce anxiety in individuals. Ideal for those using self-care time to improve their mental health over time, unwind, or stop to catch their breath for ten minutes. Combined with THC, the primary psychoactive element of cannabis, the right dosage of pot can be great for relaxation – another plus point when it comes to switching off for a few minutes of ‘me’ time.

In the ever-growing market of items that are cannabis-infused or CBD based, self-care has become more critical to success than ever. This is especially true when connected to women’s health products, with as much as 80% of consumer spending in the USA coming from the female demographic. As such, it’s only natural that much of the products and items springing up as a result of cannabis legalization are targeted at women, with select products also targeted at male self-care.

Self-care products come in many different forms. In the case of cannabis, this could be anything, including the luxury of a joint at the end of a long day. This bears similarity to how wine is considered an excellent way to ‘wind down’ after a long day, offering the same principle of indulgence and time for yourself with added health properties included. According to a BDS Analytics study in 2017 , more women than ever are using cannabis to take control of their health, which to many is its own unique form of self-care. For mothers, the study found, that number was even higher, acting as a natural way to manage mood, menstruation, and mental health conditions. While the concept of marijuana as medication and a natural alternative to medicines are at the extreme end of self-care, wellness and health often go hand-in-hand with the idea of making time for yourself, something cannabis brands are capitalizing on every minute of the day.

Beyond the more polarizing methods of self-care, as a supplement or replacement for types of medical care, cannabis is certainly no longer a niche product. Many items, skincare, foods, or other products containing marijuana are frequently advertised as something a little extra to make you feel special. Whether it’s a CBD bath bomb designed to help you relax after the workday, edibles that are made of the finest foods or even high-quality joints from an expensive dispensary, the concept of ‘treat yourself’ is one that marijuana brands are taking to the next level.

The key to how the cannabis industry provides self-care is simple. Brands take a product that’s already highly associated with women’s health or wellness, such as the ever-growing bath bomb culture, and add marijuana as another luxury on top. Not only does this justify a higher price, but in the customer’s mind, they are investing in something that provides even more self-care than the standard model. The world of luxury cannabis products is on the rise, as pot becomes more and more mainstream and accepted. The self-care market is another evolution of this concept, at a lower, more affordable price point that still offers the same touch of luxury and indulgence.

The selling point of many women’s health and beauty products is the way it can enhance something. Whether it’s improving your complexion, making you feel better in yourself or even making your hair and nails stronger. Cannabis is an excellent option for certain types of anxiety, as well as for relaxation. Aromatherapy is also a common theme across self-care products, from calming lavender bath products suitable for before bed to revitalizing mints or citruses to start your day. Including marijuana can enhance those qualities, whether it’s within skincare, bathing products, or even edibles. Natural, organic, and home-grown, cannabis falls right into line with the concept of self-care, making it a natural partner in an ever-expanding market.

In modern America, self-care is more important than ever. By tapping into an already booming market, cannabis brands can gain access to one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. For consumers, the accessibility of marijuana and its use in alternative products is of great advantage, offering everyone their own preference beyond only the pipe, joint, or bong. As perceptions of cannabis shift, what was once a dangerous drug is now a natural solution to a range of different problems, as well as an indulgence that everyone should engage in every once in a while.

By connecting cannabis with self-care, it can be seen as a healthy choice for the public both physically and mentally in equal measure. This is especially true when marijuana separated from more harmful habits such as drinking or other drug use, further influencing the market with products that are far more wholesome, accessible, and practical. For the marijuana industry, self-care is an entirely new frontier and one in which there’s plenty of success to be had.

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