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Cannabis Legalization Has Some Unexpected Benefits

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you’ll experience the benefits of legalization even if you are not a cannabis user. These benefits include marijuana news about reduced crime, improved public health, lower rates of drug abuse, and a drop in marijuana use among teens!

How Does Marijuana Legalization Lower Crime Rates?

One reason for this is that marijuana legalization shrinks the black market for illegal drugs. Legalization can also result in a reduction in the rate of alcohol use, and it’s estimated that 40% of violent offenders were under the influence of alcohol when they committed a crime.

The criminal record that results from a marijuana arrest can make it more difficult to get a job, and this can cause people to turn to illegal avenues as a source of income. Also, legalization of cannabis gives police the ability to more fully focus their attention on protecting public safety.

In addition, the presence of a dispensary in the community can lower crime rates in the immediate area. That’s because these businesses are exceptionally secure, and these security precautions can be beneficial for the whole neighborhood.

Another reason for the reduction in crime is that disputes can occur in the black market for cannabis. Due to the lack of legal avenues for these disputes to be settled when cannabis is illegal, this can lead to violence between dealers. If marijuana is legal, these disputes are settled in the court system.

How Much Has Crime Dropped In Areas With Legal Marijuana?

One bit of encouraging marijuana news is that the murder rate in Washington state reached its lowest in 40 years, and this was a drop of 13% . Violent crime in the state went down by 10%. The property crime rate in Colorado dropped by 14.6%, and the level of violent crime is down by 2.4%.

Marijuana Legalization Can Fight Drug Addiction

Some people who suffer from chronic pain are able to get off of prescription opiates by switching over to cannabis. Statistics show that opiate deaths are down by 6% in Colorado since marijuana was legalized.

Also, marijuana legalization makes people less likely to be introduced to hard drugs, such as cocaine, meth, and heroin. That’s because the process of acquiring cannabis legally does not put people in situations where dangerous drugs may also be available.

Teen Marijuana Use Is Reduced

While the reduction in marijuana use among teens is not all that dramatic, it is somewhat significant at around 10%. One possible reason for this is that legalizing marijuana may change the social connotations of marijuana use in ways that make teens less interested in it.

The fact that dispensaries card customers means that the only way for teens to access marijuana is through the black market. As the black market shrinks as a result of legalization, teens are likely to find cannabis harder to acquire. In addition, the legalization of marijuana appears to have reduced teen tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine use.

The Marijuana Industry Creates Jobs

It’s estimated that there are more than 120,000 people who work full-time in the marijuana industry. Not only do people in the cannabis industry grow and distribute marijuana, but there also are many jobs available in the research and transportation sectors of the industry.

In addition, tourism in Colorado has increased by 51% since marijuana was legalized! Tourism creates jobs in the hotel industry, restaurant industry, car rental business, and numerous other sectors of the economy. Also, legalizing marijuana has had beneficial effects on the snack industry. In fact, the snack industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate that’s 1.2% higher in states where marijuana is legal than states where it’s not.

It Has Increased Government Revenue

The prison sentences that marijuana dealers who are caught may receive in states where it’s illegal can cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars per person. The increase in government revenue as a result of cannabis legalization can lower taxes and improve the quality of government-run services.

Arizona saw more than 400 million dollars in medical marijuana sales and more than 600 million dollars worth of medical marijuana sold in Michigan. Marijuana sales reached 2.75 billion dollars in California’s fully legalized market, and Washington’s legal cannabis sales also topped a billion dollars.

These tax dollars have been put to use in some important ways. For instance, Alaska has dedicated 3 million dollars of funds from legal cannabis sales to reducing recidivism of criminal offenders. California plans to use 1.2 billion dollars worth of cannabis tax dollars every year for projects that improve the environment. Colorado is using 105 million of its marijuana tax dollars to help the homeless, and 356 million dollars of Washington’s cannabis revenue is being used to fund the state’s Medicaid program. Oregon has given more than 10 million dollars worth of marijuana tax revenue to law enforcement at both the state and local level.

Improved Public Health

While there are many benefits that cannabis can have, these are a few good examples of ways that the benefits of the plant could improve public health:

– Marijuana Acts As An Antioxidant: Antioxidants fight free radical damage in the body, and free radical damage can lead to a plethora of negative effects on one’s health. For example, it’s thought to contribute to one’s risk of developing cancer.

– Marijuana May Reduce The Risk Of Dementia: Some research indicates that marijuana may lower one’s risk of getting dementia. Not only does dementia affect sufferers and their caretakers, but it places a large financial burden on the healthcare system as well.

– Marijuana Can Reduce The Risk Of Alcoholism And Its Complications: While alcohol can cause liver damage and other complications, cannabis does not. In fact, marijuana is considered to be 114 times less dangerous than alcohol, according to a detailed comparative risk assessment.

– Marijuana Can Improve Mental Health: Marijuana can reduce the severity of anxiety and depression, and it also might be beneficial to people who suffer from more serious psychiatric problems. Some strains of marijuana can be beneficial for people who suffer from ADHD as well.

– Marijuana Can Be Beneficial To People Who Suffer From Epilepsy: In some cases, marijuana can be an effective treatment for the condition when other medications fail. Some of these medical marijuana patients could die if it were not for legalized marijuana.

– Marijuana In Edible Form Can Benefit Asthma Sufferers: Cannabis can dilate the passageways in the lungs and reduce inflammation in the body, and this can make people with the condition less likely to suffer an attack and improve overall lung function.

What Are We Likely To See In The Future As A Result Of Legalization?

Cannabis legalization is a very recent development, and that means we don’t fully know how it will affect society in the long-term. However, the marijuana news about the benefits of legalization that we’ve seen thus far are highly encouraging and indicate that legalization is likely to be beneficial to society. It’s likely that there will be much more marijuana news in the future about new and surprising ways that the legalization of cannabis has been a step in the right direction.

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